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It can be overwhelming to choose the right one among so many choices. If you know what you want, it is possible to find the perfect keyboard.


Mechanical keyboards are often purchased by people to recall childhood memories, or because they simply love the sound of clicking keys. They can be used to improve typing speed. A switch is a mechanism that controls a mechanical keyboard. The switch is a spring made from metal. It can be tuned to produce a variety of sounds, response times, and travel times. Cherry MX is the most popular switch. It can be classified according to its color. The Mechanical Keyboards give a detailed explanation of how each switch works. Manufacturers might also create their own switches with different names.


Mechanical keyboards are loved by many people, including me. They are so customizable. My desk is always transformed by custom keycaps and mats. They are essential for my daily typing experience. I prefer Cherry MX Browns over their less expensive offshoot Gateron Browns.


This guide will not cover customization because it is all about starting. You should be aware that tactile and linear switches offer a smooth, direct pressing experience. The stroke ends. Tactile switches, also known as “clicky”, have a bump at the actuation points that allows you to know when the keyboard recognizes your press. These keyboards are made by a professional writer who is employed at a website that does your homework.


The Best Mechanical Keyboards

The majority of keyboard models featured in this guide come from mainstream manufacturers. These keyboards can be found easily and purchased right away. These keyboards don’t have long waitlists and group buys.


These keyboards are great because they have nice switches, swappable keyscaps, and nice switches (except where noted or low-profile). They are full-size keyboards with LEDs underneath the keys. To save space, you might find them without the number pad. These extras are also available for gamers and programmers who might need them.


Our picks for the best wireless membrane keyboards were also included. A USB cable with braided ends is an option for those who don’t like the idea that they will have to be tied to their desks.


Best Overall Keyboard

Our Choice: SteelSeries Apex Pro ($199).


The SteelSeries Apex Pro keyboard is a great all-around keyboard that everyone can use. It is so comfortable that I keep returning to it over other keyboards.


The OLED screen in the upper right corner could also be programmed. It was a delight. Every time it displayed my handle, it did so every time. SteelSeries Engine Desktop app allows you to adjust the display and backlight for each key. You can set it up to receive Discord notifications or for changing status in games like League of Legends.


Apex Pro’s Omnipoint switches, which are magnetic sensors rather than springs, adjust their actuation point. This refers to the force needed to make a key recognize. By default, the OmniPoint switches look similar to MX Cherry Reds. SteelSeries Engine can be used to adjust the actuation points. It can be anywhere from 0.4mm to 3.6mm. It is represented on a 1-to-10 scale, with 10 being the longest. Although it was initially dismissed as a joke, I quickly felt the difference in my sensitivity. I didn’t experience the “finger fatigue” that I feel with switches more resistant. For those who enjoy the sound of key presses, the Apex Pro will not satisfy them.


Although I’ve played over 600 hours of Skyrim, I’m not a serious player so I couldn’t take advantage of the gaming-specific features. These abilities aren’t the main focus of Apex Pro. You can either program navigation keys like Page Up and Page Down in macros or leave them as they are.


The Apex Pro’s price is comparable to other mechanical keyboards with the same features. What ultimately sets it apart from the rest of the pack is that it feels like a customizable package-a choose-your-own-adventure-type of keyboard, which is what all good mechanical keyboards should strive to be.


Best Gaming Keyboard

Our Pick: Razer Huntsman Elite ($199)


Razer’s Huntsman Elite makes a great choice if you are an esports player who is constantly clicking on the loudest, most clicky switches. Optomechanical purple switches on the Huntsman Elite are loud, but not as loud as a trampoline. Its springs will take the brunt of your jumps. Even for people who are not very proficient at typing, the keyboard’s springs offer a comfortable landing. Razer offers Linear Optical Switches for the Huntsman Elite. They are quieter and easier to use. Both types of switches use infrared light beams to actuate. While I can’t speak about the response time of this type of switch versus a mechanical keyboard I was able to distinguish the differences.


The Huntsman Elite keyboard is dedicated to gamers. The keyboard’s design features include a circular volume dial in the upper right-hand corner and RGB backlighting that is woven into a leather palm rest. Huntsman Elite’s general M.O. Your commemorative Phantom Menace cup won’t contain Mountain Dew. The interface of Razer Synapse software can be confusing. There are many features to Razer Synapse software. You can change the color of each key and wrist rest as well as the outer edge lighting. An applet can link the keyboard lights to a Philips hue light bulb. The software can be used in-game for Macros or other integrations.


Best Budget Keyboard

Our Pick: HyperX Alloy Origins 110


You don’t have to spend a lot to get a fully-equipped keyboard. The HyperX Alloy Originals may look basic, but they can be modified to do anything you need.


The HyperX Alloy original design is simple but elegant. The keyboard doesn’t have media keys or wrist rest. The keycaps may become fingerprint-laden from repeated use. The Alloy Origins board has three programmable profiles, macro keys, three adjustable angles, and an LED screen that allows you to switch between modes. It is possible to disconnect the USB cable, which I found extremely convenient.


The Alloy Origins keyboard is similar to a high-end keyboard. HyperX can create custom switches. HyperX Aqua switches, which are Cherry Browns, were used to test the Alloy Origins. It is also available with HyperX Reds, which are very similar to Cherry Reds. No matter which switches you choose, the HyperX Alloy origins make a great purchase. The Alloy Origins can be made personal by adding a custom keycap set or HyperX’s translucent pudding keycap sets.


Wireless keyboards at the top

Our Pick: Logitech MX Keys ($100)


Perhaps you have read through all the options and decided that a membrane keyboard needs to be more responsive than one with tactile springs. We’ve got you covered.


Logitech MXKeys wireless keyboard will replace my mechanical keyboard if it is lost or damaged. Its slim design is perfect for modern offices. The keys’ scalloped design can withstand long claws as well as stubby fingers. Logitech MX keys have a number pad, which is helpful for data entry. It can be connected via Bluetooth, or the included Unifying Receiver that can also work with other Logitech peripherals.


Although the Logitech MXKeys is wireless, it’s a desktop keyboard. You cannot just toss this wireless device in your bag and go. Below are our runners-up choices. The cordless design means that it can be used wherever you go. The angle can be adjusted to fit your typing style. Logitech claims the battery can last approximately 10 days. Logitech claims the battery will last for 10 days. This claim was not confirmed by me as I did not test it for long enough. However, little features like automatic dimming backlights and fast standby can help preserve the battery’s life.

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