Rogers extends special data offer through September

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Rogers is extending its $30 6GB iPhone data plan until the end of September. Originally the promotion was only going to last through the month of August, but the head honchos at Rogers have decided to extend an olive branch to customers who think their pricing is absurd, by offering this program for a bit longer.

The company also plans on offering a new data plan on October 1st, which will reflect the way that iPhone users use their data. The company has been looking at what iPhone owners use, and even with (most of) the “real” Internet in their pocket, most users don’t cross the 1GB mark.

It’s also worth noting that this program doesn’t apply to just iPhone customers. Blackberry Bold users will also have the opportunity to take advantage of this program as well.

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One thought on “Rogers extends special data offer through September

  1. This is one reason why I’m pissed off I can’t use the iTunes Music Store over 3G. I have 6GB of data and use under 500mb. I buy a lot of music with it but hate having to use wifi only. Hmm, I wonder if I can change that manually since mines jailbroken.. We’ll see 🙂

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