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  1. TBM
    Apr 22 - 5:43 pm

    “… because as the Mac becomes a more popular platform, it is quickly reaching a point where it can, and will, be a target by hackers…and I have a feeling our days of being “worry free” about viruses and spyware may soon be coming to an end.” … FUD!

    So which (anti) virus SW company do you work for?


  2. Michael
    Apr 23 - 10:12 am


    You don’t have to face reality if you don’t want to TBM, but there will come a day when there are viruses and spyware on Macs if Apple doesn’t do a better job patching up holes.

    There will always be holes in software, its how quickly they are patched that determine whether malicious software gets out into the wild.

  3. TBM
    Apr 23 - 9:32 pm

    Agreed, but they have been saying that same thing for >6 years! Still nothing!

    I develop SW and know that OS X is light years above and beyond the Windows monstrosity! Apple should respond much, much faster but there was still not a single reported case of an exploit in the wild with this vulnerability.

    Every few months an “industry insider” (read as an (anti)virus expert) gets an article published about the impending doom Mac users face and how they will inevitably have to cave in and buy (their) anti-virus SW. I have 4-Macs (1-intel and 3 PPC) and a FBSD server in my house and not one virus infection in the last 8+ years (since I throughout my Win 98 PC).


  4. Michael
    Apr 23 - 9:58 pm


    I understand, but that doesn’t make me a corporate lackey. :P

    The truth is, one day it will happen. I’m not telling anyone to buy virus software right now. I’m just saying that if Apple doesn’t take the time and responsibility to get this kind of stuff patched when its out in the wild, it’s going to happen.

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