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Software Spotlight: Picturesque

If you’re a blogger who needs to post a lot of images on your site, or just someone who likes to play around with your photos to make them flashier, then you’re probably going to want to take a look at Picturesque from Acqualia. Picturesque is an amazing little program, and the winner of the […]

WriteRoom 2.1 Released

One of my favorite writing applications, WriteRoom, released version 2.1 yesterday. If you’re not familiar with WriteRoom, I have written about it previously. The thing I love about WriteRoom is that takes away all the potential distractions that my desktop places in front of me. From the WriteRoom blog: WriteRoom 2.1 adds word counts for […]

New Apple Patent unveals “Blank” iPod/Tablet Concept

Hrmpf has just posted some extremely interesting information regarding the latest patent  application from Apple. Basically the application proposes that you can take a “blank” device like an iPod or tablet, and lay accessories over it to fit the needs of whatever it is your doing.  A DJ mixer for example, or a phone. From […]