WriteRoom 2.1 Released

main-screen.pngOne of my favorite writing applications, WriteRoom, released version 2.1 yesterday.

If you’re not familiar with WriteRoom, I have written about it previously. The thing I love about WriteRoom is that takes away all the potential distractions that my desktop places in front of me.

From the WriteRoom blog:

WriteRoom 2.1 adds word counts for the current selection. Now a simple selection enables you to get word counts for any part of your document. WriteRoom’s “typewriter scrolling” setting is now more flexible. Before you the scroll line was always centered in the screen, but it’s now adjustable with a slider, enabling you to set a scroll line to your exact preferences. This release also fixes a number of bugs, including better restoration of cursor position and typing attributes while switching

A license costs $24.95, but you can you use the software for free. Give it a try by clicking here, and if you like it – throw a few bucks toward an indy developer – if you’re so inclined.

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