RUMOR: Apple to Reveal Multi-touch in Leopard at NAB

usr/bin/geek claims to have information confirmed by several “others close to key Apple employees” that Apple will be unveiling a Top Secret Leopard feature at NAB – Multi-touch displays.

From the article:

As part of this monumental change we can expect to see up to 30″ Multi-Touch LCD Displays, 20″, 24″ and 30″ Multi-Touch iMacs, which by the way will feature quad cores, and last but not least, two Multi-Touch MacBook Pros models!

I have no real way to verify this at this point, so I wouldn’t get too excited just yet, but if it does turn out to be true…I called it.



  1. Its got to be an April Fools Joke.

  2. @Art

    You could be right..but boy do I hate April Fool’s Day Jokes. I hope not.

  3. Too good to be true! And no mention of the black iMac decreases its credibility LOL

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