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  1. Matt
    Dec 21 - 8:49 pm

    Do you think Apple will ever allow apps on the Apple TV? If they did, I would order one today! But just iTunes and Netflix isn’t enough of an incentive for me.

  2. Tanner
    Dec 21 - 9:01 pm


    While Apps on the iPad would be insanely cool there are some fundamental issues. Designing Apps for a 10-foot interface (as if you were controlling the App from your couch) would be a problem for developers as they’d have to invest in a variety of TVs in different sizes to make sure ever little detail displays correctly from 20-60″.

    In addition, controlling Apps would present another problem. The Apple remote is extremely limited in functionality and would be tedious to input text. While Apps on the AppleTV would be awesome, they’d be fundamentally different than iOS Apps are today and would be constrained by input methods and usability challenges.

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