Software Spotlight: Burn

burn-window.pngThere’s no need to pay for Apps like Toast or Disco. Burn is an open source alternative that can burn VCD, SVCD, DVD, Divx, Audio, Mp3, and Data disks. If you need to burn it…Burn can do it for you.

Plus, Burn is free, and open source…and you can’t beat that.

Click Here to download Burn.


  1. phil says

    i like the software spotlights, but how about giving a little more information and screenshots in the future? right now, i have to go to the developer’s site most of the times if i want to find out more. and not half of them offer more than one or two screenshots… i like to get a peep at software before i install it.

  2. Michael says

    Nick & Phil –

    Sure, we can start posting a little more about the apps. I was keeping it brief so you would go to the software developers sites…but yeah, I’ll beef up the posts with a bit more info and screenshot or two.

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