Apple suspects Psystar is part of a Larger Conspiracy

Groklaw has taken a closer look at the amended Apple lawsuit against Psystar, and things are getting very, very interesting in this case.

Not only does Apple assert that Psystar has violated the DMCA, it goes further to accuse the company of pushing buyers to commit copyright infringement (and also violate the DMCA) by using the machines themselves.

Apple even goes so far as to state that the company believes that ten unknown people or companies have contributed to the violations by Psystar in some capacity.

“On information and belief, persons other than Psystar are involved in Psystar’s unlawful and improper activities described in this Amended Complaint,” the new section reads. “The true names or capacities, whether individual, corporate, or otherwise, of these persons are unknown to Apple. Apple will seek leave to amend this complaint to show the unknown John Doe Defendants’ true names and capacities when they are ascertained.”

So the question now is just who does Apple suspect is a part of this larger conspiracy?



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