Keep It Simple: Padfoot iPad Stand

I’m a car guy, and I like to do a lot of my own customization and fabrication work. Typically when I come across a problem, I tend to overanalyze it and I end up working very hard to create something very simple. Then there’s my buddy Chad, who is the complete opposite. He sees a problem and breaks it down to its simplest form, getting it fabricated cheaply and affordably. Most of the time once he’s done I smack my palm on my forehead in regards to my stupidity.

This iPad stand is one of those facepalm examples. It’s called the Padfoot, and it’s a small piece of polyamide that has a notch in it. This notch is slid around the base of the iPad, allowing it to stand upright like a kickstand. But if that wasn’t good enough, you can also use it as a prop for typing, making it easier to get that perfect iPad angle.

So it’s small, it’s functional, and it’s also lightweight at just 15 grams. Now the biggie: Price. If it’s too much, no one wants it. If it’s too cheap, people won’t trust their iPad with it. Drumroll please.

Just $25. Not a bad number, although I’d prefer to pay $15 or $20, but it includes shipping so its not the end of the world. Maybe it will find a way into my iPad bag.


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