iMac LCD problems continue to grow


MacNN reports that there are a growing number of iMac users that are having some pretty serious LCD screen trouble. The trouble seems to be that the iMacs are “showing a number of artifacts that include single-pixel lines spanning the length of the screen.”

This discussion thread features over 80 posts about the issue, and since most of these iMacs are over a year old and have just come out of warranty, users are being quoted prices of $700 or more for the problem to be corrected at Apple stores.

If this issue continues, you can surely expect a class action suit of some kind to be filed (update: Let me be clear here that I don’t think anyone SHOULD file a lawsuit over this – just that I won’t be surprised if it happens.) , but hopefully, Apple will address the issue before it comes to that.

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  1. 3 weeks ago I got the smame problem with my 17” iMac that I bough 3 years ago, an of course it is no longer under waranty. The computer is fine and works just as well as it did when I first got it but can’t use it since the LCD screen does not work. So I was told by the authorised Mac technitian that a new screen is $590 + labour + tax so over $750 to repair.

    This is just so frustrating to say the least.

  2. I have a 3+ year, out of warranty, LaCie Photon 19 Vision monitor which has screen streaking and visual distortions. After much contact with these people out in Oregon, LaCie neither provides repair service nor do they indicate from where any replacement part(s) may be obtained! Therefore, do not buy LaCie monitors. Period. End of this discussion. Don Saar, [email protected]

  3. I have an iMac with the same problem. My computer is approx 4 years old. It started with one vertical blue line and then another and so on. This morning I now have a 5 inch band of solid stripes which take up the the majority of the left side of my screen. So discouraging. I love my Mac and had pcs in the past that lasted double the time that this one did. I know, that’s a long time, but I don’t even use my computer that much. It’s not even worth spending the $700+ to fix. Will probably buy another LCD monitor and use both. Ugh.

  4. Yes, mine is doing the same thing, I have one 2″ line on the left, but after a while, it warms up and flickers in slowly and works well in the end…. still annoying

  5. the school have 20 iMac G5, 5 of them have vertical lines problem from 1 than two lines than now have a thousand, 40 iMac intel core duo have 10 of them have the same problem. Hope apple take responsibility of this case at least find a solution.

  6. I just got the same problem. I saw it appear as if out of nowhere. No warning. imac from 2006 17″ screen intel core duo. The machine still runs great. I just have a 1″ white vertical line directly down the center. I had coverage but the computer is 4 years old. This is a shame. I wish mac would offer me something for this problem as it does appear to be a defect…. even if it is a small fraction of the computers.

  7. Imac G5 17 inch isight, bought in 05 or 06.
    had one small line down right side, today big two inch line down center. Rendering the poor beast
    unusable. :(

  8. My iMac G5 (serial number begins with QP538) just started displaying a wide vertical stripe down the left side of the monitor. I’ve had this iMac about 5 years, no problems until now. Started all on its own, I didn’t do anything different or new.

  9. I have a four year old 20 inch iMac InteL Core 2 Duo with the white casing. A single 0.5 pica white line appeared a month ago and since my warranty has long since expired I loath to inquire how much this will cost. I did many tests on my ATI video cards which all passed with flying colors so the problem is the LCD I think and since this is an older model I don’t know where I can get a replacement LCD. My serial number is W87… so that may expand the patch of units with this problem I certainly hope that no more lines appear as the machine works fine and this is but an annoyance..

  10. I have had lines appearing slowly for a while and then last week the right couple inches is gone. It seems that there are a lot of theories about what is wron but nothing for sure. It is very frustrating and you would think apple would do some sort of recall or something.