If there was an iToaster – this would be it


Does anyone remember when I made that joke about Apple making a Toaster?

Yeah, I didn’t think so – but I did – and Steve left a funny comment on the post.

Anyway, this little gadget is NOT and Apple made toaster…but darn it, if Apple DID make a toaster, I think it would look just like this. The Transparent Toaster is a design concept that has not yet come to market, but if it does…I’m getting one.

via uber gizmo


  1. that would be cool… that way I see my toast as I’m burning it.

  2. @ Rick



  3. It would be cool if it was like those jesus toasters, except it would burn in a Apple logo instead of a jesus figure.

  4. If Apple made a Toaster, you would only be able to buy the bread from them and when iToaster 2 came out you would have to throw the loaf away and buy a new one from Apple again, just like iPod games! LOL!


  5. Steve Grenier says:

    Gimme gimme, this made my day.

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