Extra Battery Power and a Fancy Stand, Too

Admittedly, the iPad has a pretty long battery life. Some people can get hours on end with these things, including me, as I usually go almost a week between charges. But let’s say that hypothetically you want to keep your iPad at full charge while using it, or that you have some work to do and you can’t plug it in for a few days. What do you do?

Well, I don’t know too many reasons why you’d be without electricity for a few days, but just in case, here’s the HyperMac iPad Stand. First, it’s a stand — duh — and it holds the iPad at either 45 or 18 degrees, depending on your purpose. The case itself is actually a lithium ion battery, which helps to hold down the goods and keep the iPad stable when typing. Should you need some juice, just plug your iPad docking cable into the USB port on the stand and then your iPad, and just like that you’re good to go. The HyperMac iPad Stand will keep your iPad running for an additional 16 hours or so, just in case you need it.

So what’s the price? $129.95. Certainly hope those 16 extra hours are worth it.


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