iPod Nanos on MySpace – Why, Dear Lord, Why?

green_nano.jpgTUAW points us toward three, count ‘em three MySpace pages for the new iPod Nanos. The Green Nano, Pink Nano, and Blue Nano all have their very own MySpace pages, and over 1,500 friends a piece. Why you would want to be friends with an inanimate object is beyond me, but to each his (or her) own.

If you ever wanted proof that MySpace is completely dead, this is it. If you can’t tell, I’m not a huge fan of MySpace, but I have to say I was much more interested in the possibility of the site before it became nothing but a place for corporate advertising.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Apple (obviously, or I wouldn’t be here – right?) – but I can do without this kind of advertising.

On the other hand, however, these are probably the best designed MySpace pages I’ve ever seen. :)


  1. Oh boy – it almost crashed my FireFox.

    Yech MySpace

  2. I opened all three at once, and it did crash my Firefox.

    Yech MySpace, indeed.

  3. Should I be amused that it didn’t render correctly on an iBook?

    I saved the site locally just for the laughs.

  4. This is not a regular myspace page. Notice the obvious lack of banner ads. It’s simply a Nano ad disguised as a myspace account. It would be impossible for anyone to create a page like this without myspace canceling the account because you covered up their banner ads. As to the question of why someone would want to become friends with a Nano. The answer is so you can spam all the other ‘friends’ of the Nano. This would be a great place to peddle Nano accessories. You have over 1,500 qualified fans right off the bat and it’s completely free. Although they make it harder to spam their page since they disabled HTML on the comments and they took out the bulletin section. Also, when I added blue nano as a friend, they showed up right away automatically without blue nano having to confirm the add.

  5. I’m an avid if not lifetime Mac user, but I just can’t justify this one.

    Make the MySpace stop please!


  6. Hey man I added this to my blog (www.fatadam.com)

    You’ve made a mistake
    “On the other hand, however, these are probably the designed MySpace pages I’ve ever seen.”

    Forgetting something?

  7. I opened all three at once, and it didn’t crash my Safari.

    Good Apple

  8. there’s a simple solution to the myspace problem… don’t go there. it’s been a horrific-to-look-at-and-browse site from the beginning, why wouldn’t apple take the free advertising to all the 10 year old dorks that use the site?

    just do what every self-respecting geek does and diligently check the url for every single url you ever click to make CERTAIN it’s no going to myspace.

    you could also add myspace.com/* or similar to your ad blocker :)

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