So just what happens to your At&t contract when you get a new iPhone?


If you’re a current 4 or 8 gb iPhone owner, you might be thinking about buying one of those new 16 gb iPhones – but what happens to that new 2-year agreement you have to pick up along with those additional gigs?

Well, for a while there it looked like you were going to have to start that 2 year contract over…which would be a clever way to keep people locked into At&t for eternity. It’s just evil enough that it wouldn’t have surprised me if At&t had done it…and if you talk to lower level customer reps they might say that’s exactly what’s going on…BUT…luckily, the At&t higher-ups have made it clear that while you are signing a new contract when you purchase a new iPhone, that contract is back-dated to the date of your original At&t iPhone contract.


  1. I’ve been wondering that same thing for a while now. Thanks for the info!

  2. Sean Ramsey says:

    16GB is nice, but I want my 3G. With yesterday’s announcement, it seems AT&T is finally putting some capital into expanding their network but will we have to wait until this is in place before an iPhone 3G is here?

  3. What if you just swap the sims? Does that work?

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