PayPal Wants to Partner Up With Apple for Mobile Payment System

Apple is reportedly working on a mobile payment system, and PayPal wants in on it. According to Re/code, they have reliable sources stating that Apple can launch its own mobile payment system without relying on existing platforms such as PayPal. Still, the possibility of partnering up with an established provider should not be taken out […]

iPhones With Bigger Screens, Coming Up!

Not that we didn’t really see this coming, right? Rumors and speculation have not been lacking. The iPhone has gotten bigger and bigger, albeit not as radically as Samsung. Source Consumers seem to want something bigger than a 4 something inch screen. Considering how mobile is becoming the default for most, this is really not […]

How to Reduce the Cost of iPhone Ownership

Source Smartphones have taken the country by storm. Over half of all Americans now own one, and more iPhones are sold each day than babies are born. What’s not so popular, however, are the increased costs associated with ownership. However, if you do just a bit of research and exercise a little restraint, you’re going […]

Larger iPhone 6 Being Tested With Curved, Pressure Sensitive Touch Panels

Larger iPhone 6 Being Tested With Curved, Pressure Sensitive Touch Panels (via BestTechie) We’ve suspected for quite some time now that Apple has been testing a new, larger form factor iPhone for introduction as the next flagship iPhone (the “iPhone 6?, if you may) next year, but we’re learning that Apple is working on a […]

Is Insuring Your iPhone 5S Worth It?

Source It used to be that the only things that needed insurance were houses, cars, and other really expensive purchases. The idea of insuring something as “trivial” as a smartphone would have been an overkill a mere 5 years ago, but times, they are a’changing. While we do see more people with iPhones on the […]