September 9 It Is for the iPhone 6 Launch

At least that’s what everyone says, based on the scheduled media event that Apple has announced. Naturally, expectations and the anticipation levels are reaching new heights with this announcement, together with analysts making their predictions about the event and the iPhone 6. ZDNet expresses its surprise at the timing, saying, “This took us a little […]

Pre-order a 24-karat Gold iPhone 6

Everyone’s got an iPhone these days, and if you don’t like the idea of having what everyone else has, then BRIKK has something for you: a 24-karat gold iPhone 6. Because a regular iPhone 6 is not good enough. BRIKK’s web site says that the gold iPhone 6 will be available in September or October […]

This iPhone 6 Pro Concept Features Wireless Charging and iView Cover

It’s coming nearer and nearer, but all we really have is still speculation; but as usual, creatives love to put something (semi)concrete together based on speculation. And sometimes, we get something quite beautiful. One of the latest iPhone 6 concepts is the iPhone 6 Pro, which features wireless charging and something called the iView Cover. […]

Isopod iPhone Case – the Weird Stuff Just Keeps Coming

There are weird iPhone cases, and there’s the isopod iPhone case that’s apparently a trend in Japan these days. If you’re saying, “iso-what?”, that’s fine. Although you really can figure what it is if you analyze the word a little… In any case, an isopod is an invertebrate “with dorso-ventrally compressed bodies that are protected […]