AT&T offering $99 refurbished iPhones the 31st

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Wal-Mart is officially selling iPhones now, but there is no $99 unit in sight….at least not there.

AT&T, however, is offering refurbished iPhones for $99 for an 8GB model, and $199 for a 16GB model. This price drop is in effect until 12/31/08 – so you have some time left if you’d like to get one at the discounted price.

Click here to grab one now.

This situation has led some to speculate (and then pretend it’s a rumor from a super secret “source”) that Apple will be unveiling a 32GB iPhone at Macworld 2009.

The truth is, at this point – we don’t have a realistic clue what – if ANYTHING – Apple will be revealing at their last Macworld. We do know, however, that you can get a great deal on an iPhone right now, if you’re willing to go with a refurbished model…so go get ’em.

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