How iOS 7 Will Save the iPhone

The world of smartphones has grown crowded over the years since the original iPhone launched in 2008. Where Apple once slayed the competition they now fight for market share. By no means is Apple down on its luck, though, as the number 2 maker of smartphones is still in the game and gunning for number […]

The iPhone 5C and 5S Keynote Comic Strip

We all love Apple and whatever it serves up – well, most of it anyway. We say haters will be haters, and Apple’s stock value seems to always go down after the company fails to meet the expectations of pundits and analysts. This time, it’s no different. We’ve all seen and heard what both camps […]

Five Ways To Secure Your iPhone You May Not Have Thought Of

The more your iPhone finds itself woven into your personal lifestyle, the more vulnerable you are to security compromises of any kind. On the one hand, apps and websites are trying to grab hold of your data (sometimes without permission). On the other hand, your phone could be snatched right out of your hand by […]