At&t Stores to Close before iPhone launch

new-att-logo.jpgMy good buddy Drew from TV Jab called his local At&t store and got the details on how June 29th is going to work. Most of the info we already knew. The stores won’t tell you how many they have, they will begin selling the iPhone at 6:00 pm local time…etc…

The one new piece of information that he was told was the the stores will actually close at 4:00 pm on June 29th, then re-open at 6:00 pm for the iPhone launch.

Apple Gazette Team
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  1. I have officially grown tired of the iPhone. People act like it’s the 2nd coming of Christ. I admit, I’d probably be dying for the release with the rest of you, if I actually wanted one. But it will be a cold day in the hell the day I buy a cell phone and give another red cent to any cell phone company.

  2. It all really has gotten kinda funny… this level of hype and anticipation is usually unseen in a consumer product… but then again I live in a “apple bubble”; if I weren’t an apple fanboy would I have heard AS MUCH of the hype. probably not, but I’m having fun with all of this anyway. And if I had the $600 to throw down on June 29th I’d be standin’ in line at my local At&T store too.