Big Surprise…The Apple Store is DOWN!


No wait…that’s not a big surprise…in fact, that’s the biggest UNsurprise of the year.


As you would expect, the Apple Store is down, waiting for all the new goodies that our old buddy Steve is going to have waiting for us after the Keynote. Speaking of the Keynote, live coverage begins in just over an hour.

The start times are as follows:

07:00AM – Hawaii
09:00AM – Pacific
10:00AM – Mountain
11:00AM – Central
12:00PM – Eastern
05:00PM – GMT / London
06:00PM – Paris
08:00PM – Moscow
02:00AM – Tokyo (January 16th)



  1. Canestrini says:

    Wha..? But I was just going to order a MacBook and an Apple TV, darn ;)

  2. Rick O'Neil says:

    the anticipation is killing me… not that I’ll be able to buy anything anyway.

  3. Nicolas Baroudi says:

    I feel like a kid about to open up Christmas gifts – the suspense is killing me too!!! I am so excited – my coworker has already called me a dork :-)

  4. I wonder what exciting news Mr Jobs has in store for us today ;)

  5. This is what makes apple a religion, it’s almost scary, but it’s so exciting!!!

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