Why You Shouldn’t Buy Cheap Subtitles for Your Content

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Subtitles are an excellent opportunity for any content creator to explore new territories and find new viewers in other countries. It’s the easiest way to adapt your video for a foreign audience.

The process of making subtitles is not as hard as it may seem. Technically, you can do it yourself on your home PC with the help of a few online platforms to translate and create. However, this will rarely result in a quality product compared to professional services. Let’s look at some issues that may arise via cheap subtitles and the pros of a professional and managed service.

The Process of Making Subtitles

Professional creation of subtitles is a complex process involving various specialists in different stages.

Step 1

A subtitle translator won’t receive your files in a professional service until all the necessary preparations are done. In the first stage, specialists analyze your content and discuss your requirements and goals.

Step 2

After that, the materials go to the project manager, who estimates the costs and the duration of work. Usually, it results in signing an agreement. After that, making the subtitles can begin. Transcribers make a script of your video with all the text and time stamps. Don’t trust services using automatic transcription. It’s not accurate enough, and small mistakes are inevitable.

Step 3

Translators work with the script and your guidelines, providing accurate and adapted translation. They consider the specifications of the target country’s culture and make necessary adjustments. In most cases, it’s not enough to translate word-for-word. Some phrases have no meaning in another language, meaning the script must be slightly adapted rather than simply translated.

In another country, people cannot be aware of some concepts and the background of your culture. A professional translator adapts the jokes and references so local people can understand them. This creates a more popular product in the end.

Step 4

The translator transfers the finished subtitles to the editors, who insert them in your video. They act in accordance with your guidelines and the chosen subtitle style with the perfect time sync to your video. After that, you can review the result and make any necessary changes. Finally, you receive a professional-quality product when all the adjustments are made.

Possible Downsides of Cheap Subtitles

Before celebrating saving money on the subtitling, read about the consequences of this choice. In most cases, low price means low quality. It is undoubtedly true for the translation. Poor adaptation can ruin the whole project, and your videos won’t gain well-deserved popularity. Localizing your content is no good when it’s still confusing or simply embarrassing to native audiences.

Sometimes a cheap translation can even include grammatical mistakes! It’s unacceptable for ambitious projects. Most services offering extremely attractive price tags hire amateur translators and editors. The result, in this case, is unpredictable.


Carefully weigh all the options you have before making a decision. Quality professional services can be a little pricier, but at the same time, they guarantee outstanding results. The cheap translation is tempting, but you’ll only have to start the process over for a product you can use.

Remember that exploring a new country is a responsible process. It’s not wise to offer a product of low quality to a new audience. We recommend using only the best companies for your content adaptation and translation. Your project deserves perfect subtitles!

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