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The bun hairstyle has been associated with women for a long time, but it is becoming common among men. Most men who have long hair find it hard to style it in ways other than the man bun because it is a simple-to-do style. 

However, you first need to learn how to hold your bun for your hairstyle to look perfect. People look different in buns because some have unique techniques of holding the hair up. Also, other men have an undercut and a bun, meaning they cannot hold all the hair up. If your hair has grown and you want to try the man bun styles, there are some dos and don’ts you must adhere to.

Don’t Hold Your Hair Into a Bun If You Have Super Curly Hair

People admire curly hair, but it limits the man to some hairstyles, like the bun. While your strands are long enough to reach the center or back of your head, the curls will look less desirable due to the stretching. Worse enough is holding the bun with artificially curled hair because you will have to make the curls again. Also, naturally curly hair quickly shrinks, and the strands might not be able to be held into a bun, no matter how long it is. 

Try A Man Bun If You Have Thick Hair

You are privileged to have a full head of thick hair because you can hold it in a bun. Pull the strands to the crown or back of the head and tie them with a hairband. The bun keeps hair out of your face and helps you concentrate more on work without distractions. 


Man Buns Are Not For Men With Thinning Hair At The Top

If you are starting to notice balding or thinning hair, a man bun will not be a suitable style for you. When holding the bun on the crown or back of the head, it pulls the strands back, accentuating the balding. Also, avoid pulling the hair tightly because it weakens the strands increasing the balding. 

Make A Bun At The Top Of The Head If You Have Thinning Hair

If the hair on your crown is thinning, but you want to try the bun style, tie it at the crown. It makes the thinning less visible because you channel all the hair to the center. Besides, crown man buns are more noticeable and aesthetically appealing. 

Ask Your Friends How Your Bun Looks

Not all the time your bun will look great. Once you have held your hair at the crown or back, look at yourself in the mirror to see how you look. You can also ask your friends’ opinions on your hairstyle. If you don’t like how it turned out, try other styles.


Consider Other Factors When Choosing The Bun

How you look in a man bun can be contributed by many factors. For example, your head’s shape and face shape are essential factors to consider before tying your hair into a bun. Some of the face shapes are;

  • Heart-Shaped Faces

A heart-shaped face looks like a triangle that has been turned upside down. These men have wider cheekbones and smallmouths, and they look great in man buns. When the man holds the hair up, the facial features are accentuated, and their cheekbones are more visible. 

  • Oval Face

People with oval faces have symmetry from the forehead to the chin and the sides. Their cheeks are mostly rounded, and their chin and foreheads are also rounded. These guys look better in a bun if they pull the hair to the top of their head because it makes the jawline more pronounced. 

  • Square Face

Men with square faces are more advantaged because they can rock any man bun style and look great like just wearing a regular hairstyle. These faces are characterized by a chiseled Hollywood-style jawline. This is the most common face shape for models because it makes a person appear handsome. 

Source: Man buns: a hair-raising trend


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