Should you pick Bizfilings as your LLC service provider?

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Since 1996, BizFilings has helped hundreds of thousands of people start businesses. Despite the fact that there are so many good LLC formation services available online these days, BizFilings manages to stay relevant and popular.


This BizFilings LLC service review will provide you with an overview of what to expect from their services. We’ll look at their primary advantages and disadvantages, pricing and features, and much more. Use our BizFilings review to figure out if they’re the best LLC website for you.


Pros and cons of Bizfilings


BizFilings can handle any state-level compliance requirements associated with your LLC formation, such as an initial report or a publishing obligation. These services are not provided by many rivals.


BizFilings offers six months of registered agent service with each LLC formation plan you pick. Although other rivals provide a full year, having a registered agent for six months is still beneficial.


Their Business Owner’s Toolkit is a useful resource that includes detailed information on LLC creation as well as a variety of other issues such as compliance recommendations, taxes guidance, and more. Most rivals provide a comparable service, but they don’t offer the same level of value as BizFilings. You may use BizFilings’ free business name availability check even if you aren’t a customer.



BizFilings doesn’t have enough features in their bundles to justify their higher prices. For example, you may save $60+ and receive the same number of functionality by using other decent LLC services.


When it comes to their costs, they vary significantly depending on whatever state you’re founding your company in. In every state, their Basic package is $99, but their Standard package ranges from $159 to $244, and their Complete plan is from $199 to $434, and that’s before the state tax.


Not all of their characteristics are discussed in detail. For example, some LLC creation packages include “Expedited Processing Service,” but reading the small print reveals that this does not truly expedite your order with the state.


BizFilings LLC Formation Packages

Basic = $99 + State Fee

The Basic bundle from BizFilings is the most cost-effective. It just has the minimal essentials for forming an LLC, but it provides the best overall value.


If you want to avoid the bother of creating an LLC on your own, we recommend this bundle, but only if you’re not in a rush and don’t want any additional services.


BizFilings will conduct a business name search against the two names you have supplied (a first option and a backup choice) and submit Articles of Organization with the Secretary of State in order to incorporate your LLC. They’ll employ ordinary filing, which normally takes four to six weeks to complete.


BizComply Online Tool — Provided by BizFilings, this online tool will assist you in ensuring that your new LLC remains compliant with state law and in good standing. The application will notify you of crucial compliance deadlines, such as the submission of your LLC’s annual reports.


A dashboard featuring your LLC’s profile, vital information, and a library of form papers is also provided.


BizFilings offers a six-month term of its registered agent service for free with the establishment of any business organization. Once the six-month trial period has ended, you will be charged a recurring price for this service.


BizFilings Standard: $229 + State Fees

This package is more extensive; we recommend it if you need an LLC quickly and don’t mind paying the extra expenses.


The Standard package covers everything we feel to be absolutely necessary for forming an LLC, including an Operating Agreement. However, the total value of this bundle is lower than the basic option, especially given the LLC kit may be of little use to you.


Expedited Processing: This will reduce the overall time it takes to incorporate your LLC. BizFilings prioritizes expedited orders above ordinary orders internally. If available, they will choose expedited processing with your filing state. This cuts the whole turnaround time to one to two weeks.


Keep in mind that accelerated processing might result in a higher state processing cost. Make sure you understand any additional prices by clicking the “Fee Breakdown” option on the bundle selection screen.


BizFilings will supply you with a CD containing customisable templates for typical formation and operation-related papers including Operating Agreements, resolutions, and meeting minutes.


Complete = Various Prices ($199-434 [$359 in Most States]) + State Fee

Your LLC’s federal tax ID number (EIN) is similar to a Social Security number. To create a company bank account, recruit staff, and more, you’ll need an EIN. The IRS will provide your EIN to BizFilings.


Certified Copy of Your Documents with Overnight Shipping: After your articles of organization are filed, they will obtain a certified copy from your state and mail it to you.


State-Specific Features: This bundle may or may not include extra features depending on the state you’re creating your business in. The Complete package, for example, in Washington includes an initial report, a certified copy of your filed formation documents, and a state tax ID form.


Final Verdict: Should you pick Bizfilings?

BizFilings is a solid business with a lot of positive attributes. However, they aren’t going to be ideal for every firm.


BizFilings is one of the few big service providers that even offers to take care of these processes if your state of formation has stringent local compliance requirements and you’d rather not go the DIY way.


If you want to buy well-balanced packages with a lot of sophisticated features, save money, or feel more comfortable working with a firm that has a lot of available user feedback, BizFilings may not be the right choice for you.


Unless you’re creating a corporation in a state with specific compliance needs, BizFilings doesn’t really separate out from the competition in any manner, but they’re a reliable LLC formation service with plenty of expertise.


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