Quick Changes That Will Protect Your iPhone XS Max from Harm

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The iPhone XS Max is a luxury smartphone. You don’t want to treat it like it’s disposable. You want to make sure that you won’t blow over a $1,000 because of a stupid mistake. To save yourself from heartache and money loss, read these tips to protect your XS Max from drops, scratches and theft.

Protect It from Drops

One wrong move and that gorgeous iPhone could plummet to the ground. In that moment, all you can do is pray that the device survives the impact and the display remains free of cracks and breaks.

Instead of betting on the promises of prayer, you can take certain precautions to avoid dropping your device altogether. First off, improve the reachability for your phone’s display. Reachability is essential for the XS Max because it has a massive screen — it’s 6.2 inches tall and it weighs 7.34 ounces. That’s a lot to handle with one hand. Some critics in tech have even complained that the screen is too big for them to deal with as an everyday smartphone.

When you use your phone one-handed with a screen of this size, you’ll often have to tilt it or stretch your thumb to get to the app or function you want on the touchscreen. To avoid any awkward fumbling or accidental drops, you can bring the apps and buttons lower down on the display, making them incredibly easy to access.

You can enable the reachability setting by going into the General options in the Settings app and then clicking onto the Accessibility section. Then, toggle on Reachability.

Other possible ways to protect your XS Max from drops is to get a high-quality screen protector and a grip case so that it stays glued to your fingers. If you never drop it, you never have to worry about it hitting the ground.

Protect It from Scratches

Many users have found that their XS Max screen is sensitive to scratches and visible marks — considering how much the device costs, this is a frustrating problem to deal with. When you drop that kind of cash on a phone, you want it to look gorgeous. You don’t want to carry something that looks like it got stuck in a clothes dryer.

The best way to protect your XS Max from damage is to get it some effective armor. A Prism screen protector can shield your sleek display from the impact of a metal hammer, let alone lightweight problems like house keys jingling around in your jacket pocket. For the rest of your phone, you should get a premium vinyl skin.

You can get one of these awesome iPhone XS Max skins to stop ugly scrapes and micro scratches that will quickly ruin the pristine look and value of your expensive device. Choose from an incredible list of designs for iPhone wraps like black camo, red dragon scale, purple carbon fiber or white marble.

Protect It from Thieves

It’s good to have a password or gesture that can unlock your touchscreen. It’s even better if the key to unlocking your phone is a scan of your face. That way, no one can pick up your phone and go through your private information. It’s for you and only you.

To set up the security feature, you need to go into Face ID in your Settings app and then enter your passcode for authentication. After entering the right passcode, go into Set Up Face ID and Get Started.

Pressing this button will activate the scanner, which you’ll notice when you see the camera image of yourself on the screen. Turn your head slowly in a circle so that it can get every angle of your face. Press Continue and repeat the process by moving your head in a circle. Then press Done. After setting it up, you will have to look at your phone to unlock it.

If your phone was stolen and you’re worried that someone can get to your personal information, even when you have passcodes and face ID set-up, there is one back-up that you can always turn to. As a last resort, you can use the Find My iPhone app to remotely erase the settings and data on your phone so that it stays out of the wrong hands.

An iPhone XS Max is an investment. It’s a top of the line luxury phone that will be the envy of everyone who watches you pull it out of your bag. Don’t let it get ruined because of a small mistake. Follow these simple safety measures and make sure you take care of your investment for as long as possible.

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