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Are you in the process of a post-Christmas clear out? Or maybe you’re planning a big spring clean? With the rise in second-hand selling and buying, now is the perfect opportunity to make some extra cash from things you no longer want or need. Whether it’s a coat or a TV, there is likely to be someone out there who is looking for what you’re getting rid of. Despite all this, it can be hard to know where to get started with selling, so here are some top tips:


Regardless of whether you plan on selling unwanted Christmas gifts, or furniture that you’ve owned for 20 years, you need to take the condition of the item into account. There is nothing wrong with selling something that is a little worse for wear, as long as you are honest about its condition when selling.

You will of course be able to get a better price if the item is in a better condition. Do whatever you can to improve the item before you list it for sale. For example, for clothing make sure to wash and iron pieces and fix any loose buttons or threads.


There are more ways to sell unwanted possessions now than ever before. From Facebook marketplace to Vinted, the online world of second-hand selling has boomed significantly in recent years. Take some time to research different selling platforms before making your choice, reading user reviews from other sellers will help you make an informed decision.

Different platforms charge different rates so take this into account when making your listings. It is also worth having a browse of the sites as if you were a potential buyer first to determine which site is most appropriate for what you’re selling. This will become apparent as you go through the different sites and apps, for example, Depop is very popular for clothes whereas Gumtree tends to be where people seek household items.

As well as online, don’t overlook in-person selling too. This can work really well for second hand items as it allows people to take a proper look before making a purchase. If you plan on selling at car boot sales or second-hand fayres, it is worth investing in a banner to draw people’s attention to your stand. Make sure to include the handles of any accounts you have on online selling platforms so that people are able to take a look at other things you have on offer.


Knowing what to price second-hand items can be difficult. The best way to gauge how much you should charge is to do some research into how much similar items are being sold for; this will give you a good indication of how much people are willing to pay.

Try to be as realistic as you can; think about how much you would personally pay for whatever it is you’re selling. It’s also important to factor in whether the item is still easily available to buy brand new. If so, then potential buyers are going to expect a reduced price from the current RRP.



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