9 Simple Hacks to Boost Internet Speed on Your iPhone or iPad

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Slow internet can be very irritating especially when you are in a hurry. Now, imagine when the internet is slow on an expensive gadget like iPhone or iPad. Internet is necessary for smartphones and without the internet, you cannot operate various features on iPhone. There are various ways you can boost the internet on your phone. All you need is to know your phone well and use the available solutions. In most cases, your iPhone’s internet gets slow because of bulky data stored and low memory. The following are simple hacks you can use to boost internet speed.

Find the Origin of the Problem

The first step to solving slow internet problems is looking for the source of the problem. Start by evaluating when the internet slowed down. If you have changed the connection, try to see if that could be the origin. Check the apps you have installed. In short, knowing the root of the problem will help you to know where to start to find the solution.

Clear Browsing Data

The data stored on your browser could also be another reason why your internet is slow. You need to know that browsers like chrome and safari store a lot of browser cache. The best thing is that you can remove the cache in seconds. Just go to your browser, check the history, and clear the cache. After that, you will feel a big difference in your internet speed.

Use Wi-Fi for Better Experience

There are many internet providers Perth that can provide fast and reliable Wi-Fi connections. If you still have a problem with your mobile data, consider using Wi-Fi if it is available. Go to the phone’s settings, cellular data, and options then choose 4G connection. This one gives you the fastest connection you need.

Reset your Internet

You might also be experiencing slow internet on your iPhone due to signal problems. This is more possible when you change your location. The best trick to up make the speed faster is by resenting the connection. You can do this by rebooting your phone. Press the power button and choose the power off option. You can then switch on the phone after 30 seconds and enjoy fast speed.

Stop Apps Running in the Background

If you have apps running in the background, they could be using most of the memory you need. iPhones have a feature that allows apps to continue running in the background. During the interaction, you will get app notifications and updates. However, this feature slows down the internet on the phone. The best way you can solve this is by turning off these apps and stopping them from refreshing. Go to general settings and turn off the background app refresh feature.

Reset your Router

If you experience slow internet speed when using Wi-Fi, the origin of the problem could be with the ISP. The only solution will be resetting your router. Turn off the router for about 2 minutes, then switch it on again. You can then reconnect your iPhone and see if there will be changes.

Clear Data on the Apps

When using the apps on your iPhone, you collect a lot of data that needs to be discarded often. The more that data is stored in your apps, the slower your internet connection becomes. You can clear data on your iPhone to eliminate this problem. To do this, go to app settings, choose general then storage. Check how every app on your phone uses data and clear the data you don’t need. You can either clear cache that allows the keeping of documents and data or you can delete the app which will go with everything. However, you will lose your app, but you can always reinstall it.

Update your Software

The health of your phone matters a lot when it comes to the internet connection. If you want your phone to be faster and better, make sure you update the iOS every time you get a chance. A system update is a healthy practice that you need to adopt. Go, to settings, general then software updates, and check if there is any available update.

Optimize your Browser

If you experience slow connection when browsing only, the problem could be with your browser. There are simple tricks you can use to optimize your browser. Such include clearing cache, using the mobile view option, using Adblockers, and installing Opera mini since the browser is faster for iPads and iPhones.


iPhones and iPads are expensive, and it does not make any sense if you have the expensive gadget but experience a slow connection. If this happens, these are simple hacks for boosting your internet speed. You will first need to know where the problem is coming from for you to apply the right solution. If all the above solutions fail, you might have to restore your phone to factory settings, remember to backup your data before restoring. If you are in Western Australia, there are several reliable internet providers Perth has to offer.

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