When is the right time to get your eye tested?

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When was the last time you got your eyes checked? There is no hard and fast way when it comes to getting your eyes checked, but it is well recommended for one to actually get their eyes checked at regular intervals.

Importance of eye test

We are well aware of the fact that each one of us gets a full body check-up at regular intervals and most of the time eyes are not part of it. There could be certain myths that are associated when it comes to eye-checkups.

Good eye health is a blessing and one with perfect vision can give a visit to their specialist ones in 3-4 years. But the ones above 40 years of age should at least get their eyes checked once every two years. After 40’s the general lens starts to lose its elasticity, making it much stiffer, this leads to one unable to see what is written in the small letters and also unable to focus properly.

In such a situation people are usually suggested to switch to reading glasses. These are the glasses with the magnifying effect making it easier for one to read anything that is written in small letters and even helps in regaining the focus.

These can be best fitted for prescription and non-prescription glasses as well. So it is your calling to get your eye checked if you’re 40 and above.

After ’60s and eye test

After 60’s eye checkup is not just another task, it is something important to be done regularly. After the 60s there was a need for one to actually visit the specialist and get the eyes checked in order to keep a proper tap on the same. In such a situation it is much better for one to get their eyesight test once every year. It also helps in having a much better way of taking precautions than a cure.

One can even opt for their NHS glasses voucher for a free eye test and prescription glasses right at Specscart. They are best known for their free eye-test service on all days of the week at all three outlets. This could be your calling to get your eye tested today.

At your comfort- Home trial glasses

Well, now you have a place where you can get your eye tested anytime any day in your nearest Specscartoutlet. But what are your options when it comes to choosing the perfect pair of glasses for your prescription requirement?

Yes, going out and looking for a pair for your needs might be a tricky process, and sometimes all you want to do is sit in the comfort of your house and look through your phone to find that perfect set of glasses. This is absolute with the help of Specscart’s home trial service where one can avail of the benefits of sitting at home and ordering the glasses for a home trial. One can order up to 4 glasses, the box comes along with 3 lenses, which include light adaptive, anti-glare and blue light lenses along with a laser pen in order to check the uses of blue light lenses. All these can be tried within a time frame of 7 days and then orders shall be returned to the brand.

Once you choose the perfect pair from the trial box, a fresh pair of glasses will be sent to you and if you do not find the pair you have been looking for then all you can do is order another trial box and another and another till you come across the one you have been looking for.

Styles to try this season

Now you know where you could find the perfect pair of glasses, all you have to do is look into the current styles and trends. Here are a few styles that you would definitely want to give a try when it comes to selecting the perfect set of glasses.

Cat-eye glasses- The sassiest of all styles are right here for you, there is no way one can actually beat the look that a cat-eye pair holds. Extremely glamorous, they have a personality of their own.

Round glasses- Meekest yet smartest of the styles, these are among the studious of all. Looking for a geeky look on a date, swing in your round glasses for the best look on your date. And trust us when we say geeky is in right now so you definitely do not want to miss out on them.

Aviator glasses- Style-filled frames, denim of the glasses world, and a style that speaks the volume it carries. There is no replacement when it comes to challenging the style. of aviator glasses.

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