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Excited to watch your show on TV and you can’t find the remote to turn it on? Losing a TV remote is a common occurrence in almost every household. Sometimes, it’s hidden beneath the couch cushions or someone unknowingly placed it in another room. If it’s deemed lost forever, they just buy a new cheap remote somewhere that works and that’s it.

But what about your Apple TV remote? First of all, that device is not cheap at all. Second, you can’t just buy it anywhere. Get an Apple TV remote stand so there’s a designated place just for your remote. Take it up a notch and get one that looks cool so it’ll stand out on your desk or table. Here are some good options.

Pick Your Apple TV Remote Stand

Studio Neat Apple TV Remote Walnut Stand

Apple TV remote stand

Let’s start with something a little simple. The Studio Neat Apple TV Remote Walnut Stand would be a nice addition to a house that’s wood-themed. This stand is made with walnut but with a lacquer finish. What makes this really cool is that it was milled from only a single piece of solid walnut. It was just a block of wood before hands got to working and resulted in this excellent piece of woodwork. This stand also features micro-suction so it can stick to almost any flat surface.

3DMiscellaneous Apple TV Remote Holder

The 3DMiscellaneous Apple TV Remote Holder is a handmade accessory that would be a cool gift for the avid Apple fan. It takes the shape of the Apple logo and you can choose from a variety of colors to complete your furniture. This stand is also printed out from a 3D printer and not from the common manufacturing machine. Isn’t that amazing? It’s made with durable plastic so it can stand the test of time.

Twelve South HiRise 2 Deluxe

If you want a cool multipurpose dock, the Twelve South HiRise 2 Deluxe is the perfect device. It can serve as your Apple TV remote’s charging station as well as juice up other Apple devices like your iPhone or iPad. What makes this great is that it doesn’t take up too much footprint despite its amazing functionality. Its rear support is also adjustable so your Apple TV remote can sit upright or at an angled position.

TotalMount Apple TV Remote Holder

The TotalMount Apple TV Remote Holder would make for a cool remote stand in a black-and-white-themed house. In fact, it’s designed to be compatible with only black Apple TV remotes as well as black Siri remotes.  It won’t work with the aluminum-colored ones. It’s sort of like a Men in Black look. You can attach it to the side or the back of your Apple TV using an adhesive.

elago D Stand Charging Station

Do you want a stand where it looks like your remote is just standing upright all on its own? That would be so cool! The elago D Stand Charging Station is a cylindrical block that allows for this imagery to come true. Aside from the Apple TV remote, you can also use this to charge your iPhone, iPad Mini, and AirPods. It’s made from solid aluminum so this base is guaranteed to be strong and durable. Its top surface is made from silicone so it won’t scratch your Apple device.

SIKAI Silicone Case Cover for Apple TV Siri Remote 2021

The SIKAI Silicone Case Cover is technically not a stand, but you won’t need one anymore with this case. It enables your Apple TV remote to stand on its own thanks to its unique triangular bracket bottom design. What’s even cooler is that this cover contains a storage compartment where you can place an AirTag inside. That way, you won’t ever lose your Apple TV remote ever again. It also comes in four other colors that have luminous effects so they’re easier to find in the dark.

elago R1 Intelli Case

What about a magnetic case? The elago R1 Intelli Case can already act as a stand as well if you have a desk or table with a metallic surface. It incorporates magnet technology, which allows this case to attach to any metal surface, even TVs. You can even attach it to your fridge! The case itself is made from silicone, so you get a good grip and can prevent accidental drops.

elago R4 Retro Apple TV Remote Case

Another cool elago find for your Apple TV remote is the R4 Retro Apple TV Remote Case. Sadly, this one can’t stand on its own and you’ll have to use the D Stand Charging Station for that. However, this remote case is included on this list simply because of how it looks. It would make for such a cool gift to anyone who loves classic console controllers and retro video games. It does offer great protection from the usual wear and tear.

StreamerTails Apple TV Remote Case

The StreamerTails Apple TV Remote Case is the first of its kind to have a tail. Yes, you read that right – a tail. With this 12-inch feature, you won’t have a hard time looking for your Apple TV remote under the cushions, pillows, or blankets. Granted, it’s not a stand. Still, it’s got something that makes it stand out. Whether in a good or bad way, we leave it for you to decide.

CaseBot for Apple TV Remote Holder

If you don’t mind a little bit of bulkiness, the CaseBot for Apple TV Remote Holder would be a great addition to your home. What makes this amazing is you can attach it anywhere. Place it on the side or the back of your Apple TV or even attach it to a random wall. Put it in your living room, study room, dining room, bedroom, even in the restroom! It will look seamless in black-themed homes and even gives off that cool, slick feel.

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