What Is IP Address And What Do You Need To Know About It

what is ip address

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We live in a digital world where we spend almost 14 hours of our day on our smartphones or in front of a laptop. You must have heard about IP addresses a lot of times and you might have an idea about them. But it is way more than that. You should have a basic understanding of your IP address and  know how to hide an ip address on iphone as it is critical in many situations.

An IP address is your Internet Protocol address, which is a unique number used to identify your online activities. But the narrative does not end there; it is more intricate than that, and we are all connected to the internet these days, which means you are always connected via your PC, laptop, or smartphone. And whenever you connect to the internet, your IP address is there, tied to you.

Here is what you need to know about IP addresses.


Definition Of An IP Address

Just like your own ID card, computers also have an ID card in the form of a unique number known as internet protocol address. it is unique for every device thus each device can be located and identified using that IP address.

It is a set of rules that allow for your information to be sent and for others to be received on your computer. IP addresses make it possible for a device to send and receive data over the internet. The address contains the location information, and it allows other devices to be connected with your device. IP addresses are a fundamental component required for the internet.


What Does An IP Address Serve?

The role of an IP address is to control the link between devices that communicate and receive information via a network. Every computer on the web is individually recognised by its IP address; without one, reaching them is impossible.

IP addresses allow computer devices (such as PCs and tablets) to communicate with websites and streaming services, as well as alert websites about who is connecting. An IP address may also be used as a mailing address. If you provide a return address on the envelope, you will get the letter if it is sent to the incorrect address.


How Does Someone Change Their IP Address?

You may make your IP address appear to be from somewhere else by using a high-quality virtual private network (VPN). Such services successfully hide your actual computer’s internet address by virtually joining the network that they build.

As a result, your IP address will appear to be different. Cyberattackers may also hide or conceal their IP addresses by employing more complex methods that alter the source address in a malicious data packet header in order to imitate and accept a trustworthy source.


Final Thoughts

On an iPhone, iPad, or other iOS devices, hiding your IP address is surprisingly simple. You only need a trustworthy VPN provider and a few minutes of your time. With the advice provided above, you can stay safe and secure whenever you connect to the internet!

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