What Is a Virtual Classroom?

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Digital education is now a reality since most students had to stay at home during the pandemic. When previously, people only studied online when they attended certain courses and workshops, now, schools and universities switch to this model of education completely or partially. Virtual education was pretty limited before, but the latest video conferencing services allow studying efficiently and effortlessly. All you need to do to start teaching or studying is discover an online classroom platform that fits you. It is very simple to start learning online as it is not expensive and does not require specialized equipment. Read along to find out everything about digital education.

Basic Info About Digital Classrooms

A virtual classroom is a digital space where teachers and students can communicate and host or join lessons. This is usually a video conferencing platform used for educational purposes. The main difference from using video calling software for business or any other communication is the availability of special tools necessary for education. There is a wide range of features that make education easier and more interactive even though lessons are hosted online in a browser instead of a real classroom. Utilizing college homework help online https://domyhomework123.com/college is one of the strategies that students can leverage in these digital learning environments.

  • Moderating students – special tools allow keeping track of the students joining the lesson.
  • Educational materials – with online video call software, it is possible to display and share a variety of formats when it comes to illustrative materials. From pictures and tables to video clips, it is simple to incorporate these files into your lessons.
  • Pre-designed powerpoint templates – by using attractive PPT slides, it is easy to make the class engaging. Choose the best educational presentation template to make it more productive.
  • Separate rooms – separate video calls can be created for students when there are group tasks. The teacher can join each room to see the progress and help if necessary. This is great for teamwork.
  • Recording lessons – it is important to offer education to everyone, and sometimes, students are unable to join a video conference. In this case, each lesson can be recorded so everybody could watch it when they have time.

Simple video call programs will make it possible to communicate, but it would be difficult to learn and collaborate. Online classrooms offer the necessary tools to make the experience accessible and convenient.

Specialized Online Studying Software

There are many video conferencing software providers that also focus on education. Digital Samba is one of the online video calling platforms that offer top-quality tools for studying. It is completely safe to use due to E2EE encryption protocols, and it is also GDPR-compliant. Here are some of the features for digital education that you can benefit from using this software:

  • Live editing – instead of a real whiteboard, you can work on a specific file at the same time. Write down new information or highlight the things that must be remembered.
  • Polls – this feature can be used for multiple purposes. After a lesson, it is convenient to create a poll asking for feedback, and students can evaluate the lesson based on their experience. Use polls to decide on what book to read next or what documentary to watch.
  • Chatbox – communicating via video and audio is extremely convenient, although this would mean interrupting the speaker or waiting for your turn to speak when there are so many people in a class. With a chat box, everyone can write down a question or add something without waiting for their turn to jump on a voice chat.
  • Integrating digital tools – there are numerous virtual tools important for working on digital documents. You can integrate Google Docs and other services when using Digital Samba for video conferencing.
  • Breakouts – having a single virtual classroom is necessary, but it is also important to provide an opportunity to work in smaller groups. In this case, breakout calls can be created so only a few students could use them for collaboration on specific projects and tasks.
  • Cloud storage – full recordings of each lesson that usually last for at least an hour require a lot of space to store them. Luckily, this video conferencing software uses cloud storage to keep all recordings safe and accessible at all times.
  • Sharing screen – any time a teacher wants to show something, whether it is a picture or a video, it is simple to share the screen with all other video call members. Otherwise, you would have to send a link to a file or share the file itself with each student and wait until they open it up. Screen sharing is an incredibly convenient tool that saves time and effort.

These are only a few of the most common tools for digital education. They make your presence in a virtual classroom engaging and comfortable just like in a real-life class.

The Advantages of Virtual Studying

Digital classrooms have numerous benefits. In some aspects, they are even better than real-life classrooms. In any case, they provide a great alternative to classic education. Here are some of the key advantages:

  • Accessibility – all students regardless of their location or physical capabilities can join a virtual lesson with a computer and a decent Internet connection.
  • Convenience – with the abundance of tools made for facilitating education, studying online becomes very simple. Whether you want to put on a movie, share a file, display some images, work in groups, or mute the video call members so the noises do not interrupt the speaker – everything can be done in a few clicks.
  • Cost efficiency – video conferencing services normally require a paid subscription. The subscription plans are very affordable and flexible to suit every client. Usually, schools pay for the software, and all teachers and students, as well as parents, can use them freely.
  • Communicating with parents – it is also crucial to keep in touch with the parents of each student. Much like with virtual lessons, it is possible to create video calls for parents to discuss any pressing matters.

Such software continues to improve every day, and it will become even more convenient in the future.


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