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Businesses have multiple avenues to advertise their products and services. However, AdTech is the most common and farthest-reaching method of marketing. Yet, as AdTech operations happen online, there are various challenges these tools can experience. We’re here to explain how tools like ISP proxies will help enhance your marketing operations through the use of AdTech.

All About AdTech

AdTech is short for advertising technology. It refers to any marketing tactic, process or tool that uses technology and data to improve marketing efforts. Any online platform you use to carry out this marketing is part of the AdTech operations. It includes scheduling and management apps and websites that list your advertisements. Basically, it’s any other marketing guru that enables your online advertisements.

While advertising online is crucial, there are a few challenges that come with it. Hackers and other cybercriminals are always looking for vulnerabilities in your systems. Further, the increasing use of malicious bots can endanger your company’s servers and defraud your ads.

You often encounter IP blocks, geo-restrictions, and data-gathering challenges. However, using ISP proxies can help you bypass many of these challenges.

Uses of ISP Proxy Servers

ISP proxies use a massive IP pool full of addresses an Internet Service Provider assigns. This IP pool is stored in an online data center. As such, you enjoy a datacenter proxy’s fast access while having the security of a residential proxy. There are various other benefits to using ISP proxies, especially as they relate to AdTech. We explore some of them below.

Ad Campaign Testing

When you start an ad campaign and pay third parties to place your advertisements online, there’s always the risk of being scammed. Ad fraud is when the people you pay to display your ads do something that ensures the ads can’t be seen or properly interacted with. They present fake statistics they get using malicious bot traffic or by using any of the other ad fraud techniques.

However, using ISP proxies means that you can test and verify your ads like a regular user to see whether they’re placed where they’re supposed to be. In this way, you can easily see how users are able to interact with your online ads and test the effectiveness of your ad campaign.

Collect Insights on Competitors

Web scrapers are some of the best tools to gather market information. This information includes competitor pricing, client feedback, the latest deals, and more. However, many websites detect the web scraper and believe it’s a malicious bot, which means they block the tool.

However, using proxies, you can easily gather public data without having to worry about your data miner being blocked. If the IP address is blocked, you can simply use another. As ISP proxy servers look like authentic users with real IPs, the scraper also becomes virtually undetectable. As such, you can collect insights on your competitors within minutes.

Effective Social Media Management

Many social media platforms limit you to a specific number of accounts and block accounts linked to automation bots. However, social media is one of the primary ways to advertise your business, and automation helps grow your reach.

Proxies like these ISP ones help you create multiple accounts on the same device using a different IP address for each. In this way, you bypass the limit on the number of accounts you can have. It also helps enhance your automation, as bot accounts that help improve the engagement on your account while looking like real users with static residential IPs.

Improve Your Bot Detection Software

When it comes to detecting ad fraud, there are a number of different tools you can use to ensure you don’t become a victim. These tools include bot detection software and specialized ad verification programs. However, fraudsters are sometimes one step ahead, and will block your IP if they detect any of these tools. This is often to keep you from discovering the fraud.

However, if you pair an ISP proxy with these verification tools, you’ll effectively hide your IP address. The website you visit will have no idea that the connection is coming from you, or that you’re running tools to check the ads. As such, your verification and bot detection tools can check your ads without getting blocked.

Access Other Markets

An advertising campaign or any other AdTech tactic is usually more effective because it has a further reach than other advertisements. However, different jurisdictions can implement limits on which users can access their content and websites.

Using an ISP proxy, you can change your IP address so it reflects another location, which means you can access geo-blocked content. It allows you to access any market, grow your ad campaign’s reach, and even make targeted marketing easier and more effective.

Enhancing Your AdTech Operations

AdTech is crucial to running a successful business and growing your client base. However, as useful as these tactics are, various online challenges stand in your way. Luckily, ISP proxies are one of the comprehensive solutions to help bypass these challenges and ensure effective operations.

You can easily install them as plug-in extensions, and it doesn’t need rocket science to operate. Enhance your advertising technology and explore all the exciting benefits these tools provide for your business.


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