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Catalysts are used in the exhaust system of a car. They are needed to increase the degree of ecological safety of the exhaust. All neutralizers can be conditionally divided into several groups, which will be discussed below in detail.

Faulty catalytic converter: what to do with it?

If your catalytic converter is already quite dirty and needs to be replaced, you can take it for recycling. Also, you should not miss the opportunity to earn extra money on a broken catalytic converter, as it is a good chance to buy a new unit to replace the spent one. The site https://autocatalystmarket.com/us/en/models/nissan-altima gives the opportunity to sell old catalytic converters at bargain prices.

Classification of converters

Types of catalysts and their features


The honeycombs inside this type of catalyst are made of ceramic. For this reason, they are fragile. A slight mechanical damage in the form of impact on uneven road surfaces can cause breakage. The honeycomb can crack from the impact of ice water, if the car was in a deep puddle.

But such elements are excellent at performing their immediate tasks – cleaning exhaust gasses, as the internal structure of the honeycomb has the form of a lattice. The price of components is quite affordable.

If you are supposed to surrender the served emission reduction device in a company that specializes in the purchase and acceptance of boo components, then you need to be prepared for the fact that their cost is significantly lower than that of metal ones.


Such a device is much stronger and more resistant to any chemical and physical effects than ceramic blocks, since it has a metal construction. These characteristics contribute to the fact that the cost of a metal converter also increases. Inside the block, there are irregularly shaped metal honeycombs that are twisted into a spiral.

Failure of such blocks is usually associated with the use of fuel of insufficient quality or end of life. Metal catalysts are not afraid of non-ideal roads at all. Even old metal blocks are expensive. You can remove the block that has failed, sell it on Autocatalyst and buy a new one with the money earned.

Particulate filter

This component is also a catalyst, but it is designed exclusively for cars that use diesel fuel. Externally, the node is very similar to the usual ceramic catalyst – it too has honeycombs, which are covered with an alloy of precious metals.

The efficiency of the diesel catalyst in cleaning the exhaust gasses is much lower, as such motors operate at lower temperatures, and catalysts require higher temperatures. Particulate filters have a short service life, so the task of the car owner is to monitor the moment when fuel and oil consumption will increase, which is a symptom of the beginning of the destruction process.

The choice of a certain type of spare part depends on the design of the car, the requirements of environmental standards and the manufacturer’s strategy for reducing emissions. If you decide to buy a emission reduction device for your car, be guided not only by its cost, but also by its efficiency, reliability and durability.

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