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The DIY trend has become incredibly popular over the last few years, and the amount of DIY enthusiasts in the UK only continues to grow. As people were forced to stay in their homes, the desire to take on home improvement projects rapidly increased.

This guide will discuss some of the essential tools that every DIY fanatic needs in their toolbox.

Electric saws

Electric saws are ideal for cutting through various materials and can be used for a number of applications, including home renovation. There are a selection of models to choose from, depending on the task at hand.

Circular saws are great for quick and efficient cutting, whereas jigsaws are most suitable when it comes to cutting holes in large, flat surfaces – such as kitchen worktops. An electric saw will also provide a sharper finish, compared to a traditional handsaw.

Nail gun

If you’re tired of trying to hammer nails into surfaces without leaving a mess, a nail gun will be your next best friend.

This tool will help you save bags of time and effort when it comes to basic nailing. As it provides an extra element of strength and power than a standard hammer, you’ll be able to get your nail into its dedicated surface in just one hit.


It can be tiring and time-consuming trying to sand a rough surface by hand. An electric sander will guarantee smooth edges and surfaces with minimal effort, so you can say goodbye to splinters and sore hands.

Electric sanders are particularly easy to use and will leave a beautiful and clean finish. Not only this, but you can cut the time it takes to sand a surface with your hands by half. These sanders aren’t just limited to one type of surface either – feel free to use on floors, counters, walls and furniture.

Pocket hole jig

Whilst a rather niche tool amongst the DIY community, the pocket hole jig is a worthwhile investment for your toolbox. This handy tool is perfect if you struggle to drill holes in wood or other materials, particularly on corners.

The pocket hole jig clamps and secures any material that you need to drill into, helping you to easily draw out where you need to drill, without anything moving around. If you find yourself drilling regularly and you need your holes to be precise, this is the tool for you.


A router is a must-have when it comes to shaping wood, helping you to follow precise specifications when cutting and following patterns using multiple pieces. This tool comes in very handy for functional and decorative uses around the house.

Use it to create the perfect edges, carve out clean rabbets, recreate patterns and recess door hinges.


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