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The top 10 holiday spots

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We find top 10 travelling destinations for Solo and families trip. We did research from lots of travel sources to find these excellent destinations to visit and enjoy with your loved important times. this list of the top 10 on-trend places, experiences and stays is sure to inspire a year of incredible travel.

São Paulo, Brazil

A traditional Mortadella sandwich from a So Paulo street food vendor.

So Paulo is an energetic metropolis with 20 million locals known as ‘paulistanos’ and a buzzing nightlife scene that includes underground clubs, art house cinemas, experimental theatre, and Traditional Samba and Pagode Experiences. The city also boasts fantastic street food and nine of Brazil’s 14 Michelin-starred restaurants, where you can sample delicacies such as the ‘coxinha’ (a golden shredded chicken croquette) and the ‘feijoada’ (a traditional Brazilian stew) (a rich black bean stew). A stroll down Rua Oscar Freire, a tree-lined street lined with glossy, luxurious boutiques, is a must for fashionistas. For some real downtime, take a short drive to the northern coast of the state of So Paulo, a hidden gem.



Victoria, British Columbia

Sustainability, as well as respecting and acknowledging local First Nations, will be priorities in 2022 and 2023. Learn about the Songhees Nation at the Songhees Wellness Centre, which brings people and traditions together, before embarking on a cultural canoe or walking tour from the Inner Harbour.
Victoria takes “green” to another level as an international leader in environmental initiatives, thanks to its impressive natural landscapes. Greater Victoria recently received Biosphere certification, which is a significant achievement for the destination. Visitors to Victoria can see additional sustainable efforts in action by staying at a carbon neutral hotel such as the Inn at Laurel Point or Parkside Hotel, dining at Big Wheel Burger (Canada’s first carbon-neutral fast-food restaurant), or viewing the iconic Orca Whales with a carbon neutral tour.


Tourism has increased since the country reopened in October, according to the Japan National Tourism Organization. “Despite reports of foreigners flocking here or it being overcrowded, I’m currently finding it quite spaced out and, as always, organized—even during the first Sakura (Cherry Blossom) Festival Season since pre-pandemic,” says Ramos, who is looking forward to visiting Tokyo, Kyoto, and Okinawa.
The opening of Aman Residences, Tokyo—the brand’s first residence-only development—as well as the debut of Aman’s sister wellness-oriented brand at Janu Tokyo and Japan’s first Bulgari hotel are among the big 2022 news in Tokyo. Tokyu Corporation’s new Tokyu Kabukicho Tower, Japan’s largest multi-use hotel and entertainment complex, is also set to open.

There’s a lot going on in Tokyo in terms of entertainment, including the soon-to-open Animate Ikebukuro (the world’s largest anime store), digital art collective team Lab’s new immersive production of Puccini opera Turandot, a new Japanese Cultural and Innovation Center next to Haneda International Airport, and the Sunshine 60 Observatory in Ikebukuro (which is reopening as an indoor park). Do you want to see more of Tokyo? Follow Ramos’ advice on how to plan a self-guided city tour by train.

Puducherry, India

Puducherry (previously known as Pondicherry) is a seaside city on India’s southeast coast, facing the Bay of Bengal. It is nicknamed ‘Pondy’ because it attracts spiritually minded visitors who want to visit its ashrams and practise yoga and meditation. Cycling through the leafy boulevards or taking a Customised Private Walking Tour through quaint, historic streets lined with pastel-colored townhouses and balconies draped with pink bougainvillaeas are the best ways to get around. Tranquil beaches stretch north and south of town, but Mahe Beach is the best place to see a spectacular sunrise. A kaleidoscope of festivities and religious celebrations take place throughout the year, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the vibrant local culture.

Bolzano, Italy

Roman-style buildings with a snow-covered mountain backdrop in Bolzano, Ital

Bolzano, the capital of Italy’s northernmost South Tyrol region, is a picturesque alpine destination nestled among the snow-capped mountains of the Italian Dolomites. In the summer, go hiking, and in the winter, visit one of the acclaimed ski resorts. There are also mediaeval castles and the Gothic Duomo di Bolzano, a cathedral with imposing spires that contrast with the city’s painted houses. The Museion is a gallery full of contemporary paintings and sculptures for those looking for a dose of modern culture. This region of Italy is known for its full-bodied wines, and the Santa Maria Maddalena Church offers breathtaking views of rolling vineyards and wine tastings.

Istanbul, Turkey

The Ciragan Palace Kempinski, which includes a 19th century Ottoman palace on its grounds, is Istanbul’s most opulent hotel. “It’s a local institution and an icon, and by summer it will debut a super-opulent renovation of its guest rooms and public spaces overseen by designer du jour, Serdar Gulgun,” von Bremzen says.

Von Bremzen recommends the two-Michelin-starred Turk, the new Avlu restaurant at the renovated Four Seasons Sultanahmet, and classics like Mikla for exciting modern takes on Turkish cuisine. “I also adore the city’s brilliant female chefs, such as Burcak Kazdal, who prepares incredible locavore food at her charming Apartiman,” von Bremzen says.

Von Bremzen spends the summer in Bodrum on the Aegean coast. “There, I’ve fallen in love with a new hotel called Kaya Palazzo Le Chic, which is located on one of the most beautiful stretches of beach in the area,” von Bremzen says. “Its private pier has a fantastic restaurant, and the spa offers incredible massages.”


Is there another reason to visit Istanbul in 2022-23? “Istanbul has never been easier to reach,” says von Bremzen. “Turkish Airlines, the elegant award-winning national carrier, has recently expanded its U.S. departures to Newark, Dallas, and Seattle-Tacoma.” Hot tip: For passengers with long transfer times in Istanbul, the airline has launched the new Istanbul Stopover Program, which includes two complimentary nights at a four-star hotel for economy class passengers and three nights at a three-star hotel for business class passengers.


Paros, Greece

The port town of Parikia (also known as Paroikia) is where most visitors first arrive, with its winding streets. However, the jet set flocks to the soulful village of Naoussa in the island’s north. Tables spill out onto the narrow cobblestone streets at night (don’t miss the highly regarded Yemeni). Meanwhile, alfresco restaurants such as Tsachpinis Ouzeri Ton Naftikon turn the yacht-filled harbour into a bustling open-air dinner party.
Cosme, a Luxury Collection Resort on the outskirts of Naoussa, is a new addition to the hotel scene. This opulent hideaway has 40 suites with clean lines and its own private beach club. Parlio, a 33-suite retreat characterised by timeless simplicity and surrounded by pastoral landscapes, is another appealing Paros address.
Want to bring a piece of Paros home with you? Head to Anthologist, which has jewel-box boutiques at both Cosme and Par?lio, stocking limited-edition items and artisanal objects sourced by Anthologist founder Andria Mitsakos to reflect the authentic ambience of the Greek islands.

Kalabaka, Greece

Meteora in Greece, where monasteries stand on steep cliffs amid emerald hills


The picturesque Greek town of Kalabaka, located in the Thessaly Valley, guards the Meteora, a massive rock formation that is home to several Eastern Orthodox monasteries. This 1,300-foot-high, 13th-century site appears suspended in the air against a backdrop of emerald hills and was built by monks seeking solitude. It now provides visitors with otherworldly views while on foot. Discover the thousand-year-old Badovas hermit caves and monastery frescoes on a Meteora Sunset Tour before watching the sunset across the valley. Every Friday, there is a bustling market and local restaurants serving meatballs, moussaka, and slow-cooked stews. To delve even further, the town’s Natural History Museum organises truffle hunting tours, which are followed by tantalising fresh truffles pasta.

Santa Fe, United States

Make time to see some of Santa Fe’s indigenous Adobe architecture.


Santa Fe’s uniqueness is encapsulated in its nickname, “The City Different.” Explore its unrivalled multicultural heritage through its vibrant food scene, which includes a plethora of Mexican food trucks and open-air markets, and learn about indigenous culture at the Museum of Contemporary Native Arts. Santa Fe is also the highest state capital in the United States, and it is located at the foot of the Sangre de Cristo Mountain range, making it an ideal base for hiking, mountain biking, and skiing. Adrenaline junkies can go rock climbing, paragliding, or white water rafting in the mountains. Consider taking a Downtown Santa Fe Photography Tour & Class to meet and learn from a local while admiring the city’s historic architecture.


Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

View the sunrise over the Nanamun River from Mount Kinabalu’s South Peak.

The bustling capital of Sabah in the Malaysian part of the island of Borneo, known locally as ‘KK,’ is a hidden gem surrounded by rainforests and sandy beaches. By day, browse the Kota Kinabalu Handicraft Market for exquisite pearls, textiles, and wood carvings created by artisans. Alternatively, head to Tanjung Aru Beach, a local favourite. Excellent butter prawns and soft-shell crab, as well as cultural performances, can be found at the Floating Seafood Market restaurant. The ecosystems surrounding Kota Kinabalu are home to unique wildlife, which is best observed from a boat during an Evening River Safari; look out for views of Mount Kinabalu along the Nanamun River, as well as the native proboscis monkey and thousands of fireflies lighting up the evening sky.

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