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From students in the classroom to executives in the board room, many of us deal with PDF files on a regular basis. In fact, according to researchers, PDF is the 3rd most common file format on the web, even more popular than JPEG, PNG, or GIF files.


While PDFs are incredibly common, with over 20 billion PDFs stored in Dropbox alone, they are not without problems. For those who deal with PDFs regularly, it can be quite common to find that a PDF file has been damaged or corrupted during the upload or storage process.


Fortunately, with the help of PDF repair tools like Repair PDF Tool from Recovery Toolbox, users can easily recover damaged or corrupted PDFs from Dropbox within minutes. Let’s break down how PDFs get corrupted in the first place and how you can prevent and fix these issues in the future!


Use the PDF Repair Tool from Recovery Toolbox Now!


PDF Repair Online


PDF recovery from Dropbox can be tricky and harmful when done incorrectly. If you’re looking to recover your damaged files without any complications, it’s crucial to use high-quality, well-recommended tools like the PDF Repair Online tool from Recovery Toolbox.


Recovery Toolbox for PDF is an easy-to-use online platform that makes PDF repair quick and painless. It also offers an offline software program that can be downloaded to any Windows computer, which is perfect for users who deal with a high volume of PDF files (download file).


Here are the basic steps for using the online PDF Repair Tool from Recovery Toolbox for PDF for your PDF recovery:


  1. Press the Select file button and select a PDF file
  2. Enter your email address
  3. Press the Continue button
  4. Wait for the corrupted file to be recovered
  5. Download the recovered PDF file


The service will save the data recovered from corrupted PDF documents as a new Adobe Acrobat/PDF Reader file. With a browser, you can now recover PDF documents of any size and version on any device.


Users should know that this online service does not recover password-protected PDF files or encrypted Adobe Acrobat documents.



PDF Repair Tool Offline Software


If you want to repair a damaged PDF file offline or do it quickly, downloading the PDF Repair Tool software is a great option. The offline software is only available for Windows PCs and is incredibly easy to use.


Here are the basic steps for using the offline PDF Repair Tool software for your PDF recovery:


  1. Download the offline software from Recovery Toolbox from this webpage.
  2. Allow PC to install Recovery Toolbox for PDF.
  3. Purchase and activate the license for Recovery Toolbox for PDF.
  4. Go to the PDF fixer and select the damaged PDF file you want to repair.
  5. Begin analysis for PDF file by clicking ‘Next’. This will explain how the file was damaged.
  6. Select the version of the PDF document you want the new repaired file to be saved as.
  7. Choose if you would like to compress the repaired PDF file.
  8. Type in the new name for the repaired file to be saved as.
  9. Complete saving and repairing the PDFs’ data in the new document.



Why do PDFs Get Corrupted?


Understanding why PDFs get corrupted in the first place can help you and your company mitigate these risks and save you time in the future when using programs like Dropbox. In general, there are six reasons why PDF files get corrupted or damaged during the storage and uploading process.


1.     Autosave and Download Issues


Several errors can damage the file when downloading a PDF from places like Dropbox. The most common cause of this is due to an unstable internet connection. This can result from faulty equipment, slow internet speeds in the area, high internet usage, or downloading multiple files at once.


To avoid this, make sure you have a stable internet connection and limit the number of files you download at a time, especially if they are large.


2.     Using the Wrong Software


Another common reason PDF files become corrupted is when people use the wrong software to open the PDF. When using incompatible software to view a PDF, the software may modify the file, thereby damaging the PDF.


Therefore, when viewing or editing PDF files, it’s essential to use the right programs like Adobe PDF reader to avoid any issues.


3.     Hard Disk Issues


In some instances, PDF files can be damaged while being stored on a computer. The most likely reason for this type of damage is when a computer’s Hard Disk crashes. Following even a minor crash, bits of data can be lost from various files. If the data lost was from a PDF file, the file may be damaged and will not likely open.


Hard Disk issues can occur for a variety of reasons, but the most common being 1. Unstable power supply, 2. Missing or fading sectors, or 3. System errors. In these instances, PDF file corruption can be avoided by ensuring that the Hard Disk is not faulty and your power supply is secured.


4.     Email Attachment File Compression


Emailing PDF files can also lead to PDF file corruption. Therefore, when emailing PDF files, it’s highly recommended that users compress the PDF files before emailing them.


Due to the large nature of some files, they can be corrupted during the email process as emails have a limited space capacity for sending larger files.


5.     Combined Page Orientation in a Saved File


Some PDF files downloaded from Dropbox are damaged due to the document’s contents. For instance, files that include both horizontal and vertical page orientations can confuse programs and cause damage to a file.


When dealing with a file with combined page orientation, it’s crucial to merge the files using compatible software. By doing this, users will likely avoid any issues with the PDF file.


6.     Unstable Voltage and Power Supply


One of the easiest ways to avoid damaging a PDF file is by ensuring your power supply is secured to your computer. Interrupting a computer’s power while downloading a PDF can result in missing data.


Before downloading or sending a PDF, ensure your computer is fully charged and/or securely connected to a power source.


How to Recover Damaged PDFs?


Fortunately, there are plenty of tools available for PDF repair. Many are easy to use and widely available. However, depending on the volume of PDF files you’re dealing with, the technology you use, and the size of the files, some tools are better than others.


Recovery Toolbox


Operating System: Windows & Mac OS (Windows only for offline software)

Difficulty: Easy

Cost: $39 for offline software; or $10/Gb for an online PDF repair service


One of the best programs on the market for PDF repair is the Repair PDF Tool from Recovery Toolbox. Recovery Toolbox offers an offline software program and an online PDF repair service that make PDF recovery quick and easy.


Unlike other popular services, the online PDF repair tool can be used on any device, including mobile devices. In addition, there are no file size limits when using the Recovery Toolbox, and minimal action is required to recover your damaged PDF files.




Operating System: Windows & Mac OS

Difficulty: Easy to Medium

Cost: $7.50/month; $63/year


Sejda is another great PDF repair tool. Sejda offers both personal and team packages that are great for company-wide use. Like Recovery Toolbox, Sejda offers both online PDF repair services and a software program that can be downloaded and used offline.


Sejda offers users unlimited document uploads with no page or hourly limits. However, Sejda does put a limit on large file uploads at 500Mb per file.




Operating System: Windows & Mac OS

Difficulty: Medium

Cost: $99.99/year; $119.99/lifetime access


Repairit is an expensive tool but well worth it for businesses that deal with a high volume of PDF files. The main benefit of Repairit is that the service can repair damaged files other than PDFs, including videos, photos, audio, and Microsoft Office files.


Repairit supports over 25+ different file formats and provides users with a full preview of repaired videos, photos, audio, and files. Further, Repairit specializes in advanced repair for various files and can batch repair files quickly and efficiently.




Operating System: Windows & Mac OS

Difficulty: Easy

Cost:  $8 to $15/month


pdfFiller is a popular choice for businesses as they offer a wide variety of support and excellent customer service. pdfFiller offers three different subscription models starting at $8/month and up to $15/month.


Including PDF repair services, pdfFiller allows users to convert PDFs, edit PDFs, create templates, build advanced workflows, and collect and export data. While pdfFiller is excellent for companies, the abundance of services may not be needed by users who simply want to repair damaged PDF files.


What to Know for Next Time


PDFs have been and will continue to be a major part of our highly digitized workplace. With Adobe’s VP of Engineering Phil Ydens declaring that there are more than 2.5 trillion PDF documents already in the world, it cannot be understated how vital PDFs are.


PDFs are an integral part of the digital world in every workplace, from international companies to governments to the average individual. Because PDFs can be used for digital signatures, authentication, encryption, invoicing, and more, PDFs quite literally help run the world.


Due to their importance, everyone should understand how to protect PDFs from damage and how to repair damaged PDFs when using programs like Dropbox. While mitigating PDF damage can be done with a few easy steps, there will always be a time when PDF repair tools are needed.


When it comes to PDF repair tools, none are better than the PDF Repair Tool from Recovery Toolbox. Recovery Toolbox is quick, easy to use, and perfect for companies and individuals. In addition, Recovery Toolbox works on all platforms and devices!


Whether you’re in a pinch at work or just looking to be prepared for your next PDF emergency, download the PDF Repair Tool from Recovery Toolbox today and give yourself a good safety net.

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