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Reimagine GBS Role in Enterprise Process Improvement | HCL Technologies

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GBS has experienced a shift from earlier since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. The role of GBS in enterprise process management has been redefined as it drives more vital collaboration. The advent of digital solutions like machine learning and artificial intelligence drives better user experiences in business process services. The next generation of GBS will serve the following roles in enterprise process management:

1.  Digital Availability

Global business services have undergone a digital transformation and have stayed on top of technological trends. It enables a company to have a plethora of tools required for automation. As a result, companies undergo standardized and stable processes. Intelligent automation leads to better efficiency and effectiveness of enterprise processes.

Intelligent automation revolves around using technologies like machine learning and dynamic workflow. The value of enterprise processes increases as intelligent automation revolves around learning and adapting. In fact, the traditional tools for back-office functions can be repurposed to enhance enterprise operations.

2.  Focused on Experience

The core of GBS organizations includes customers and the services they need. The customer journey should be integrated into different GBS activities like crucial performance outcomes and continuous improvement. Due to functional boundaries, efforts to improve GBS productivity and squeeze out its benefits were in vain.

But digital solutions have replaced the traditional model, and GBS is now more focused on aligning experience. It aims to deliver quantitative and qualitative outcomes for optimizing performance. For instance, global companies are becoming increasingly focused on improving customer experience rather than cutting costs.

As GBS organizations go beyond traditional back-office roles, change management is becoming necessary. This is why experienced professionals are becoming valuable to GBS organizations. GBS also aims to invest in internal change management conditions with a change agent network for the entire enterprise.

3.  Increased Agility to Support Business Strategies

Flexible GBS models either enable organic business growth or growth through acquisitions. Full integration becomes necessary for carve-outs, while stand-alone businesses can manage with partial integration. GBS models will further expand in valuable digital operations like financial planning and compliance.

Following the Lean Six Sigma culture will help with other enterprise processes. GBS will no longer consider the cost to be a predominant factor. The back-office mentality of GBS is being shrugged off to enable value creation opportunities.

4.  Connected Through Analytics and Insights

Analytics hubs are created within GBS organizations to use vast amounts of data flowing through operating functions. GBS can innovate according to the specific needs of the operating ecosystem by aligning across the operational towers. GBA will use various digital services like artificial intelligence and cognitive computing. It will help interpret omni-structured data and enable better decisions.

Ending Note

The scale and scope of operations will enable GBS to improve enterprise processes. But GBS should be able to collaborate and curate an ecosystem of businesses, consultants, service providers, GPOs, and systems. Reimagining GBS will also help you to accelerate response to growth opportunities and leverage future business models that are no longer geographically defined. DigitalCOLLEAGUE from HCL can perfectly help you in this regard. Integrate into your existing enterprise infrastructure today!

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