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What if you are worried about your future and someone comforts you and guides you to a suitable decision? Sometimes the psychic reader is considered a voice from the future that comes to tell you to do this and not to do that. Many people believe in what a psychic reader tells them. On the contrary, some people find it insane to believe in everything that a psychic reader tells because the reader’s prediction does not necessarily come true.

There is no scientific proof regarding psychic reading. Psychic reading is done through strategies that the reader follows to help them accurately predict the future. Psychic Readers use two psychic reading strategies: cold or hot reading. See the list of best psychic reading sites here.

In cold reading

The psychic doesn’t have any information about the client and must know that information themselves without directly asking the client. Cold reading depends in the first place on intuition. The psychic reader uses intuition to know the person sitting before them. The psychic reader uses language and psychological tricks to get information from the client spontaneously. The psychic reader must also be a reasonable observer because they should examine all clients’ gestures, looks, and appearances. For example, the reader can know if the client is rich or not from the jewelry, watch, clothes, etc. The watch and clothes of the man might seem expensive or extremely expensive, and the same for a women’s clothes and jewelry. The psychic reader can also know if the client is married from the ring or if divorced after a long period from a tan of a call on the client’s fingers. The reader could observe many small details to guide them to give an accurate prediction.

Shotgun method

The reader also uses a shotgun method to get information about the clients without asking direct questions. Shotgun means using broad meaning sentences that may be true for almost everyone to get a spontaneous answer from the client. Usually, the shotgun method is used when audiences listen to the psychic reader. The shotgun statement could work for more than one person in the audience. It is a vague statement and not specific. Sometimes the reader uses it while they are contacting a medium. For example, the reader cannot say, “I am contacting a medium called John that died in cancer” because this is a specific sentence, which may not be applied to most people in the audience or even to one of them. instead, the psychic reader could say, “I am contacting someone who has died a few years ago and left you in pain after his death.” This sentence is less specific and might apply to many. Psychic readers are always careful not to use clear and direct sentences. Rather, they use general and vague sentences to not be mistaken. The psychic reader tries to be always alerted. A psychic reader should have a sharp memory and take advantage of every word the client says. They keep it in mind to use later to show the client that they have discovered that by themselves, so the reader fools the client’s memory.

Hot reading

It’s most used recently because of the spread of technology and the Internet. The hot reading is about using social media sites and modern technology to collect information before the client attends the psychic reading session. Of course, a hot task is like the cold reading strategy that requires intuition, sharp memory, language, and psychological tricks. Still, it saves a lot of effort for the reader, as they can collect information and details about the client’s life in front of them just by using social media. Because our private lives became publicly available, whether on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., the psychic reader can know if the person in front of them is divorced, has a painful emotional experience, or has children. All that by using the Internet without intuition or deducing that from actions, looks, gestures, or appearance, as in the cold reading strategy.

In short

Sometimes knowing these strategies changes a person’s opinion about the psychic reading because it gives a clear insight into the field. We hope this article has assisted you in understanding the strategies that psychic readers use and their tricks.


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