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Investing app for iOS

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Many people are worried about their financial life post-Covid pandemic era. The health crises led to many challenges when companies in most parts of the world closed their operations. Actually, several employees were laid off.

However, almost all companies have resumed their operations while a few others decided to close. Based on their experiences during the health crises, the majority of people are keen to invest part of their earnings to guarantee a better future.

The App Store has plenty of finance apps that can help you track your spending, handle routine financial tasks and shuffle money into your investing accounts. On the other hand, investment apps let you do more including quickly trading stocks, Bitcoin, and precious metals. They allow you to monitor your account in real-time, learn about the markets, and much more.

The following are handpicked investment apps for Apple-made devices. These iOS apps can help organize your finances and get them properly invested.

Best Investment Apps

1.    Acorns

People prefer this new breed of apps designed for savings because it’s easy to use and set up. You can download it from your App Store, create an account and link your debit or credit card. The App rounds up the total purchases to the nearest dollar and put the difference in one of its EFT portfolios.

Acorns Personal charges $3 per month. It includes an investment account, metal debit card, and individual retirement account (IRA) such as SEP, Roth, or the traditional version as well as rollover of existing IRA or 401(k).

The platform selects your portfolio depending on the targeted time such as retirement time. Investors tend to be conservative as they approach 591/2. Investors on this tier get an FDIC-protected checking account, together with fee-free ATM access, direct deposits, etc.

2.    Allay Invest

The simple and straightforward iOS investment platform is perfect for beginners who can access it through a mobile app. Investors can trade both ETFs and stocks without commissions and mutual funds at a $9.95 commission fee. The trader doesn’t need to worry about the minimum balance requirements or recurring fees because the app doesn’t have any.

Ally Invest Managed portfolio is the Robo-advisor route that creates ETFs personalized portfolio for you. You can any of these portfolio options; Socially Responsible, Tax-Optimized, Income, or Core. There are no advisory fees but the starting amount is $100. Ally Bank uses the Ally App which is easy to navigate and even though it’s not a glamourous app it has all that a beginner or passive investor needs.

3.    Betterment

The most popular and largest Robo-advisor provides a professionally managed portfolio.  It offers a broad selection of ETFs calibrated against your need for money and risk tolerance. It has also designed socially responsible portfolios dedicated to social and climate change impact. The app has Investments with a potentially outsized return but with a higher risk. They are a perfect fit for investors who can stomach the extremely high-risk levels while the rest can opt for safer portfolios.

Betterment’s management fee is competitive in this Robo-advisor world. It’s 0.25 – 0.40% or $25 per annum for every $10,000 worth of investment. There is an extra charge for the ETFs that Betterment invests in the same way you would pay any Robo-advisor.

Further, the app allows you to set goals such as investing for retirement or a safety net.  You can also add a free and robust cash management account. Betterment has no $0 minimum balance for digital service and $100,000 for premium service.

Stock trading on iOS devices

4.    Charles Schwab

The well-known investment app is ideal for users with all experience levels. Users have a large investment selection to choose from that is transaction fees-free. The mobile app is popular because it’s user-friendly and provides educational resources.

Additionally, Charles Schwab allows traders to invest in ETFs, stocks, bonds, and options. It has low to no minimum account minimums, no inactivity and annual fees, as well as fractional shares, are available. The platform has mobile and desktop versions to choose from.

5.    Ellevest

The top Robo-advisors and socially responsible investing app targets women investors and help them make smart investing decisions. You too can become their client even if you’re not a woman. The app creates investment portfolios and plans based on various women’s circumstances including their lower lifetime earnings.

Clients can build an Impact portfolio or a portfolio that includes 53% of ESG or social impact funds. Further, these funds are invested in companies with more women leaders, with higher standards for sustainability, support for community services, and affordable housing. Unlike its low-cost core portfolio, the Impact portfolio charges $13-$19 annually for every $10,000 invested.

6.    E-trade

The platform doesn’t charge fees and has no minimums in its basic investing plan. This makes it the easiest and most hands-off investment plan in the market. E-trade allows you to customize your portfolio the way you like it once you provide your goals and risk tolerance.

Investors can emphasize social responsibility as they select their portfolio or invest in cryptocurrency. The app provides tons of resources and a Livestream of Bloomberg TV. The platform’s Core Portfolios charges some fees and a minimum requirement of $500 as well as other upgraded plans.

7.    Firsttrade

The app is among the first to introduce to the market innovative trading technology, education, analytics, and customer service. The platform doesn’t charge commission trades or options contract fees, no inactivity fees, or minimums.

You can use its customizable trading platform to trade and manage your account from your mobile phone, iPad, or desktop. OptionsWizard is the platform’s professional-grade options analytics tool for serious traders that wants to unlock their investing opportunities. They can discover investing opportunities with premium research and real-time news from OptionsPlay, Morningstar, Zacks, etc.

8.    Interactive Brokers

The app tops the active trader’s category. It’s an immediate fit for sophisticated traders because its mobile experience includes a comprehensive trading platform which is a desktop Traders Workstation (TWS) functionality. Further, traders have an access to different asset classes, unmatched analysis, research, and strategy tools.

Additionally, this mobile app gives experienced traders a synchronized functionality with its watchlists and is visible on the desktop offering. The trader can deposit in their local currency and trade global stocks from their iPhone or iPad. The Impact portfolio helps you invest in companies that work towards creating a world that you want or share your values. You will enjoy $0 commissions and fees for trading stocks and ETFs on this portfolio as well as fractional shares.

9.    Merrill Edge

The self-directed app is best for trading ETF, stocks and options. The app offers personalized investing with tools, guidance, and insights to help you confidently put your trading ideas to action.

Merrill Guided Investing is a program that has investment professionals that help you build, monitor, and rebalance your portfolio when you share your goals with them. The minimum investment for joining the Investment Advisory Program is $1,000. Unlike this Merrill Edge has a $0 minimum investment on their self-directed plan.

10. Robinhood

The investment app was the first to implement the no-commission brokerage model for stock traders. Beginners can invest in ETFs, stocks, and options without paying a commission. The app does not require minimums to open an account or start investing. Investors can trade ETF, stock, options, and cryptocurrency. However, they have to look elsewhere for mutual funds and bonds as well as tax-advantaged retirement accounts.

Robinhood has premium accounts with advanced features but charges a $5 monthly fee.  Investors can also trade cryptocurrency including digital assets like Ethereum, Bitcoin, litecoin, dogecoin, etc., without paying commissions.

iOS users can download the Robinhood app for free in the App Store which has 4.1 out of 5 stars. Newbies can get started and build their own portfolio as long as they can do their research and are comfortable with the risks. They can also purchase fractional shares and access IPO shares through the app.

11. Stash

The app offers an easy-to-understand subscription model which makes everything including commission fees, account minimums, and percentages to be simple. The platform has three pricing plans including a $1 per month plan that offers you advice, a bank card, investing access, and life insurance. The $3 per month has a retirement portfolio and investment portfolio on top of what the lower tier offers. The $9 per month offers two kids’ portfolios, life insurance, and another bank card on top of what the previous tier offers.

Stash offers a one-stop solution for family finances.  The highly innovative card gives rewards in shares of stock instead of cash-back rewards.

12. SoFi

The easy-to-use platform is the top pick for beginners because of its rock-bottom pricing. You start trading on the SoFi Invest with as lows as $1. Further, the platform has no commissions or recurring account fees. It has an automated managed portfolio product where the platform picks and manages your EFTs without charges.

The app list stocks and ETFs by category to enable traders to browse and discover potential investment opportunities. However, the platform doesn’t provide in-depth investment research like other investment apps. However, what SoFi offers can get you started and make prudent investment decisions. You can engage in cryptocurrency trading like Ethereum, Bitcoin, dogecoin, and over 27 other coins. But the app charges a 1.25% markup on all cryptocurrency transactions.

13. Tastyworks

The app focuses more on options thus an excellent option for active options traders using iPhones and iPads. Aside from options, Tastyworks support ETFs, stocks, futures as well as cryptocurrency trading. The tastyworks iOS app is similar to the desktop version because it offers you all the main features including trades, activity trading, watchlists, and portfolio monitoring as well as following other users’ trading strategies. The platform has unique social trading features among its investment app peers.

The app does charge commissions or recurring account fees on ETF and stock trades. However, you will pay $1 – $2.50 to open options contracts based on the asset but there is no closing fee. While larger competitors charge $0.65 per contract tastyworks charges $0.50 for stock and ETF options. Therefore the app is the best choice for active traders for stock, ETF, and options.

14. TD Ameritrade

The investment app is ideal for new traders getting into active trading. The platform doesn’t charge commissions for ETF and stock trades. It also offers different account platforms matching different investment goals and styles.

Beginners can start with the TD Ameritrade app and then upgrade to thinkorswim as their investment skills grow. This is a premier active trading platform perfect for active traders because it has tons of useful features. However, beginners can use the chat on the thinkorswim platform to interact with expert traders. Charles Schwab acquired TD Ameritrade and plans to add thinkorswim to its product lineup.

15. Twine

Many people think of retirement when they hear of investment’ However, a trader can have short-term and midterm in addition to their long-term goals. John Hancock designed Twine to help couples not only save but invest their funds instead of leaving them in a savings account. The platform allows them to select joint goals like large purchases, house, vacation, or children’s education as well as identify their monetary target.

Next, each individual links their checking account to their savings account and Twine investment as well as sets up recurring transfers. Partners can access a combined account interface when their balance grows. This shows individual accounts and the progress on their joint accounts towards their goals. Twine aims to beat your savings account’s return while managing your risk. You can download the Twine app from the App Store which has 4.5 out of 5 stars.

16. Wealthfront

Whether you’re saving for your college education, house, or vacation, Wealthfront is an investment app that can help you achieve such financial goals. You can also build and use your portfolio as collateral to get credit or withdraw from an ATM when you need cash now.

However, the app charges a 0.25% advisory fee annually to balance your portfolio and a$500 investment minimum. This is steep compared to other investment apps and relatively low based on the investment opportunities a trader gets. You can down the app from the App Store.

17. Webull

The commission-free trading app is the best for EFTs, stocks, options, and crypto. Traders can also access fractional shares and IPO. Unlike Robinhood, Webull offers IRAs – traditional, Roth and rollover- to help traders manage their retirement funds and stocks in a single app.

Further, the desktop version is customizable to support investors who prefer a bigger screen. At the same, they can download the Webull app from the App Store for free which has 4.7 out of 5 stars. This feature advanced research tool offers multiple investment options and charting to you analyze performance before placing the orders. The platform provides educational resources to help new investors develop a strategy and get started right away.

Best Finance apps

Investment apps allow you to buy and sell assets after creating an account with the brokerage firm. On the other hand, finance apps are also offered by some brokerages as a function of their investment apps. But, you can’t trade any assets on finance apps even if they’re synced with your brokerage trading account.

You don’t leave the investment app when placing new orders, checking positions, or researching investments. However, you can’t do that with a finance app because it only displays your brokerage account balances

18. Atom Finance

The finance app enables traders to make informed investment decisions with the help of its cutting edge tools such as historical financials, valuation metrics, corporate events, detailed analyst consensus estimates, curated news, SEC filings, transcripts, etc. It lets you link your investment accounts to help you track them in real-time. This allows you to see your holdings, P&L, returns, trades as well as other portfolio statistics.

19. Binance

The crypto exchange supports trading with more than 300 coins including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin, Cardano, Link, meme coins, etc. The app offers the lowest fees in crypto. The Lite Mode lets you swap between crypto even when there is no trading pair.

20. Bybit

The growing cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform enable users to buy cryptocurrencies including Ether (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC) hassle-free. Traders can access crypto spot trading pairs like crypto-to-crypto or fiat-crypto as well as a vast selection of crypto derivatives and futures contracts such as BTCUSDT, ADAUSDT, XRPUSDT, ETHUSDT, etc.

21. eToro

The finance app enables you to trade the world’s top markets with 0% commission. eToro allows you to create a free account and build a diversified stock portfolio without worries about management fees, markup, or ticketing. You can also buy crypto including Bitcoin, XRP, Ethereum, etc. Also, eToro offers a platform where you can engage, connect and share ideas and strategies with experienced traders.

22. FTX Pro

TTX Trading Ltd designed this app for professional traders interested in options, futures, altcoins, etc., in minutes. Indeed FTX Pro is a powerful derivatives exchange platform that was built by traders for traders and targets non-US users only. The app is compatible with iOS 11.0 or later.


The global blockchain assets trading platform provides trading and investment services in over 130 countries. Traders can buy hundreds of blockchain assets including BTC, ETH, LTC, ETC, TRX, EOS, BTH etc. The finance app provides safe and reliable asset trading services for global digital currency users. Other features include price trends, global prices, real-time trading, margin trading, etc.

24. KuCoin

The cryptocurrency exchange is both trusted and legit. As a result, the app established in 2017 has more than 11 million customers across the world. The app applies multi-layered security comprising industry-level multilayer encryption, micro-withdrawal wallets, and dynamic multi-factor authentication. You can download the app from the App Store, and buy and sell cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, meme coins, new crypto, etc. The app has 4.6 out of 5 on the App Stores

25. Kitco

The application offers precious metal information on all devices. The accurate insight and trustworthy data for base metals, precious metals, oil, mining, indices, Forex, crypto, etc.  Gold Live! For iOS was designed for Apple products to provide the latest market price quotes, precious metal news, charts, and expert opinions as well as an improved user experience. The app has 4.6 out of 5 on the App Stores.

26. Moomoo

Traders can invest in US stocks, ETFs, options, etc with a $0 commission fee as long as they’re US residents. You can also access global investments using its suite of powerful analytical tools and real-time data at your fingertips. This finance app has a huge active trading community of 18 million-plus traders. This enables beginners to trade like a pro with moomoo.

27. Stinu

The finance app is known as a position size calculator because it helps traders calculate their correct position size and control their risk before getting in a trade. Stinu enables you to calculate their risk lots or units, dollars (including other currencies), or percentages. You can calculate the risk of 8 major currencies, Gold, Silver and Oil. The app also provides free tutorials and webinars.

28. TradeStation

The trading app has over 30 years of experience and delivers an easy-to-navigate trading platform for ETFs, stocks, crypto, options, and futures. The mobile app gives you advanced tools to help you trade different assets in a single trading app.  They include real-time streaming quotes, price and volume swings alerts, chart candlestick, intervals, automatic notifications, and other statistics including volatility, risk management, and probability of profit.

29. Stocktwits

The finance app enables traders to access market sentiment, professional analysis, new market trends, trading ideas, trending stocks, etc. You can trade crypto for as low as $1, as well as invest in EFTs and stocks commission-free. Further, you can track real-time market sentiment on stocks, crypto, currency, NFT, commodity, index, etc.

30. VectorVest

The app tells you what, and when to buy, or sell because it analyzes more than 8,000 stocks in terms of value, timing, and safety. The service combines the insight of technical analysis and fundamental valuation power. Therefore VectorVest provides answers instead of data to help traders reap the profits instead of doing the analysis themselves.

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