How to turn on the Instagram dark mode?

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There are a number of reasons why people prefer the dark mode in their background. Some find it very cool and classy. Some people with eyesight problems have an ease reading the texts with a dark background or at night. It is also said that the dark mode of Instagram helps to conserve the battery of the device.

According to BuyLikesServices, Instagram is best for people who want to give a soothing sensation to their eyes. It is because most of the entertainment work takes place at night when people finally get time from busy days and enjoy themselves.

They lie down and open their devices to have some fun. But that light is absolutely killing their eyes. That is why people demand to have a lighter text colour. That is only possible if the background is dark or black in colour. The only way to use a darker colour palette is to enable the dark mode.

Updates and changes!

Instagram has gone through many changes since the last few years. This platform has influenced the majority of people. It is not easy to switch on the dark mode for Instagram. Updates are being made to the application so that the mode can be changed within the application. Hardly can things become easy for us. The instructions work differently for various mobile phones.

Instagram dark mode for iOS:

You can change the settings in the following ways if you have iPhone:

  • Open the settings of the phone
  • Click on display and brightness
  • If you want to change the theme, slide it to the dark one
  • Last step is to launch the instagram

Instagram dark mode for Android:

Follow these steps for Androids:

  • Open the settings of your phone
  • Select display
  • Activate the toggle of dark theme
  • Finally, launch instagram

View of posts!

The photos and videos on instagram are always a centre of attraction for everybody. Although in bright daylight the pictures and videos look really nice but, imagine them being enabled in dark mode! You will no doubt receive an aesthetic and phenomenal look.

The scenario of the posts gives a different and new feeling. If you are not so much into liking posts or following pages, the dark mode will force you to hit the like button. If people start to enable their dark mode, the operator of pages has chances to gain more Instagram followers.

Automatic option!

Why are you troubling yourself by changing the settings of the system over and over again? You can simply open the settings on your phone, go to display and brightness. Look below the light and dark option. The toggle switch of automatic is visible. If you enable it, your phone will keep switching between the modes knowing itself what time of the day it is. Instagram will automatically change the settings by keeping the mode light in the day and dark at night.


In the case of your iPhone, the smart inverter is not able to invert all the colours of the screen. If the iPhone is unable to come with built in dark mode then IGDarkMode, the third party app is always available. If your phone is under warranty then don’t take the risk of installing the app as it may go null and void. Only jail broken phones can bear this application.

How to use this mode?

You need to install an app that can jailbreak your phone. Cydia can work in this regard. Once you do it, click in bottom right corner at the magnifying glass. Type igdarkmode in the search bar and click the very first option that appears on the screen. You may get many options but choose the correct one. Before hitting the install button, must tap modify.

Press confirm when the app is installed. Restart your iPhone by tapping the button that says “Restart Springboard”. You are now able to run the application easily. Now when you want to enable this mode, simply go to settings and tap the igdarkmode. Swipe the button to enable it. Once you start the process, you will find it easier than it sounds. Go back your home screen and open instagram. Dark mode will be turned on and you can enjoy with ease!


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