How To Seamlessly Integrate Your Car With Apple Devices

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Apple’s CarPlay is an automotive software operating system that is very popular at the moment among car owners and manufacturers. This is a service that constantly gains popularity and is available in various mass-segment vehicles. When the car features Apple CarPlay, it is very easy for passengers or drivers to sync any Apple device to the infotainment system of the vehicle. As a result, the user can access various information, like calls, messages, navigation, and music.

To put it as simple as possible, the display screen will mirror the screen of the phone so you can easily access all the functions that you want to. As a driver, you can easily use the smartphone without being distracted in the process.

As expected, Apple CarPlay also features Siri. However, the version of Siri that is installed was created to deal with the requirements of the modern drivers. You can thus give several voice commands, like texting or making a call. You can even use Siri to select what song to play.

When you want to activate the voice control offered by Siri, you just need to press a button that is cleverly mounted on the car’s steering wheel. You hold it for a number of seconds and then you give out a specific voice command. Alternatively, the touchscreen also features a button that can be used to activate Siri.

The presence of Siri inside vehicles is actually one of the main reasons why Apple CarPlay is so popular at the moment. With it, you gain access to so many useful features as you are on the road. For instance, when you receive a message, the voice assistant can read it out. If you get a phone call, you will be told who called you and you can call back. In a similar way, in the event that you have a preferred playlist, Siri can play it for you. Apple CarPlay now supports several apps that can enhance the functionality of the assistant, including some for podcasts and audiobooks.

As you can see, Apple CarPlay is just as useful as having an extended car warranty that you see posted to Olive’s blog. However, the problem is that not all cars have Apple CarPlay installed. What do you do when this is your situation?

Fortunately for those that did not get to enjoy Apple CarPlay in their cars when they bought it, you can go to a car repair shop and get the entire system installed. The only problem is that not all car centers actually give you access to such a service. You will need to look online for the service shops that give you the possibility of upgrading to the latest version of Apple CarPlay.

Keep in mind that if your car does not have an infotainment system, the costs associated with integrating Apple CarPlay will be higher than expected. Even if the upgrade is totally worth it, you will need to shop around so that you can find the very best possible deal. Make sure that you read online reviews written by those that actually got the upgrade done at the car shop you consider going to. This will give you all the information you need to make a good choice.

The good news is that most car manufacturers today do make it very easy to use CarPlay for their newer models. This includes big brands like Mercedes, Skoda, Audi, and Suzuki. An aftermarket system option is available with CarPlay addition from manufacturers like Pioneer, Kenwood, and Alpine. Right now, Apple CarPlay is fully compatible with all iPhones starting from version 6, iPhone 5s, and iPhone 5c.

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