How to Remove the Green Dot in iPhone Photos

How to Remove the Green Dot in iPhone Photos

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One of the most common shots that people take with their cameras is a beautiful sunset. There’s just something about the blending of the different hues in the sky as the sun sets that makes it look so romantic and poignant. Imagine watching such a gorgeous sunset and deciding to take out your iPhone to capture this beautiful moment – perfect. Then, you take a look at the photo you just captured and see this green dot in the picture that just ruined an otherwise perfect shot.

What is this green dot you see? Why does it keep appearing in some of your photos? Is your iPhone broken? No, it isn’t. That green dot is essentially a flare that occurs when you take a photo that has strong lighting in the background. Hence, shots focusing on the sun, whether it’s sunrise or sunset, would yield such a result. This is also applicable to pictures with a bright light somewhere near the subject.

How to Remove the Green Dot in iPhone Photos

Now, how do you fix this? It’s all a matter of fixing your angles to make sure that the light coming in won’t reflect the surface inside your camera before taking that shot. You can opt to move the angle of your iPhone a bit so that you can move the green dot as well. Move it so that the green dot will be right on the source of light, which in turn would make it disappear.

An example would be when trying to capture a beautiful sunset with, try to move the green dot right at the center of the sun, which would make the dot disappear. This will result in a beautiful shot without having to change the angle too much. Another option would be to shield the lens of the iPhone while taking a shot. However, do note that the results would sometimes be inconsistent.

Okay, so what about the photos that you’ve already taken before? Is there no way of saving them and removing the green dot? Of course, there is! You can still remove those green dots and enjoy those stunning sunset photos without having to constantly be distracted by the green dot. You can remove these through third-party photo-editing apps.

Now, there are tons of photo-editing apps available in the App Store, so which one should you download? Probably one of the best ones out there that also happens to be free is Snapseed. One of its amazing features that would be useful in removing that green dot is called Healing. Follow these steps on how to remove that green dot using Snapseed:

  1. 1. Go to the App Store and download Snapseed on your iPhone.
  2. 2. After downloading, open the app and upload the photo that you wish to edit.
    3. Tap TOOLS located at the bottom center of the screen.
  3. 4. Select the Healing tool.
    5. Zoom in on the area where the green spot is located as much as you can. You can do this by placing two fingers on the green spot and slowly dragging them far from each other.
  4. 6. Once you’re zoomed in, tap over the green spot using your finger. After you’re done, remove your finger off the screen. You should be able to see the spot disappear thanks to the magic of Snapseed.
  5. 7. When you’re done editing, simply tap on the check icon located at the bottom right corner of your screen to save all the edits you’ve made. After this, you can now save the new photo to your Camera Roll and you’re good to go.

The green dot is something you’ll have to deal with every so often when taking photos with strong sources of light, but now knowing how to prevent it from occurring makes taking photos with your iPhone easier. You may sometimes forget about the green dot when taking photos so knowing how to remove them afterward can really come in handy.

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