How to Get Malta Permanent Residence step-by-step? 

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Bright hot sun shining 3000 hours a year, the lush blooming of olives and oleanders, clear blue sea – this is what the island of Malta is famous for. Arriving here, you immediately feel warmth, comfort, and security. This state is a member of the European Union. Living there, you can easily travel to any country without problems at the border. It is an excellent option for a serene life and the successful conduct of business.   

But what should a person who wants to move to this beautiful country and live there following the law do? There are many ways of solving this question! It is worth familiarizing yourself with the most popular and accessible options. Malta PR is one of these ways, the advantages of which are undeniable. In short, the program satisfies the needs of an individual to obtain the coveted and long-awaited permanent residence permit in a prosperous and luxurious country.

Program features

Life in this paradise corner gives solid advantages. And if you did everything right, and followed all the conditions and rules, then there is nothing to worry about. You can enjoy exciting trips to countries that are members of the Schengen zone, and there is no need to have a visa. Thanks to Malta PR, all conditions are created for business and any other work. You can study and count on medical care.

A person who invests capital for subsequent profit and has a perfectly legal income can get such attractive opportunities. It is also available to a person united with the investor by the bonds of marriage, his parents, other close relatives, and children.

What are the requirements for a foreigner?

If you were born and live in another country and suddenly decide to move to the mentioned island for some reason, you will have to fulfill some requirements. The migration service there always checks to see if the candidate meets them. The same thing happens in 2023. It is about:

  1. Financial independence – you must have at least 340 thousand euros in your account, and your income for the year must be more than 23 thousand euros. It will be necessary to transfer the sum of the minimum income annually to your own account, which must be opened.
  2. Real estate – it can be either rented or purchased. In the first case, everything starts from 150 thousand euros, and in the second case – from 370 thousand euros. In both situations, you must pay state fees, make contributions, or donate to a charitable foundation.
  3. Payment of taxes – each year, the immigrant is tasked with filing a report to the tax office. First, you must find out about the minimum amount of taxes.

It is also worth talking about health insurance, which is included in the list of basic documents that will be needed for registration.

Obtaining process

If you identify yourself as a wealthy category of people, then you have an excellent option to get what you want. With the help of investment, you can move to the island without any specific requirements and certainly without a deadline. Although you should be prepared that all the necessary paperwork will require a lot more time. But it pays off for the opportunity to move the whole family and staff.

You will obtain Malta permanent residence if you make a tangible contribution to the economy of the country. The steps to take are the following:

  • make sure you meet all the requirements;
  • pay a non-refundable investment fee;
  • decide what you will do with the local property – buy or rent;
  • fill out the program application and ensure all the information is correct and relevant.

The process of obtaining also involves collecting the standard document package, including the application itself, the original, and a copy of the passport and health insurance, certificate of financial solvency, proof of availability or rental property, a check, and certifying the payment.

Processing costs

According to the expert Svetlana Gorchakova, which represents the company Immigrant Invest, it is extremely difficult to obtain the necessary status on your own. And if we are also dealing with the investment, it is impossible. The investor must have the professional help and support of an accredited agent. He will tell you how to proceed at all stages of obtaining the desired status. He explains how and what documents need to be collected, how to move, and how to take care of the paperwork.

Additional information

Investing in the country to relocate and live in your home country is not the only option. You can also be eligible for the maltese permanent residency program through naturalization. It means that a person can stay in this state legally if he has lived there for more than five years. Of course, processing has nuances and intricacies; if you decide this way for you, then it is worth learning more about it. 


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