How to Compress A Video on iPhone in 4 Ways

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How to solve these issues without deleting videos from your iPhone? The answer is to compress them. Compressing videos makes it easier to share and store videos on your iPhone. It also means that your video quality is going to drop as a result of the file size decrease. However, there is no built-in feature to let you compress videos on iPhone, so we need to find other solutions.

Here in this article, we will explore 4 effective methods to compress videos on iPhone. No matter if you want a simple, flexible, or powerful method, we’ve got you covered. Let’s dive in and explore the world of video compression on your iPhone!


Method 1: Compress a Video on your iPhone by Changing Settings (h2)

When we use the iPhone to shoot video, the higher the quality of the video, the more memory space the video will take up. So it’s an option to compress a video on iPhone by changing the resolution and other settings in the Camera. It’s easy to set, and you don’t need to learn any other applications. It will work for all videos you record on your iPhone. This will reduce your video quality and smoothness and cannot be applied to existing videos.


Step 1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone.Tap Camera.

Step 2. Tap Record Video and choose a lower resolution and frame rate option.

Method 2:  Compress a Video Using a Third-Party Video Compression App

If you want to compress your iPhone videos with more flexibility, using a 3rd-party compression app is an option to go. You can try some compressing apps like Video Compress or Resize Video. With a professional compressing app, you will have better control over your compression settings, and some compressing apps allow batch conversions at the same time. And you will keep your original video untouched so that you can preserve the best video quality if you want to store them in other places like a hard drive or cloud drive services.

But it has drawbacks too. It requires downloading and installing an application to your iPhone and some apps may contain ads or in-app purchases. Or it may have some limitations in their free version so that you cannot compress large videos. Follow the steps below to compress a video on your iPhone with a 3rd-party app like Video Compress:

Step 1. Get and install the app from the App Store.

Step 2. Open it and give it permission to access your iPhone videos. \

Step 3. Upload the videos you want to compress and adjust the compression settings. Choose a frame rate, compression level, and video dimension.

Step 4. Compress your videos on your iPhone and save the compressed videos to your camera roll.

Method 3: Using Online Video Compression Websites

What if you prefer not to install any 3rd-party apps on your iPhone? An online video compression tool like Clideo may be exactly what you need. You can access it on your browser, and upload your iPhone videos to its website for compression. It supports almost all video formats and lets you output your compressed videos in other formats. It does not require an application installation, but you need to have a stable network connection. Some online compressing tools may have file size limitations or charge for higher-quality output.

To use an online tool like Clideo to compress a video on iPhone, follow these steps:

Step 1. Open a browser on your iPhone and go to

Step 2. Click Compress and select a video from your iPhone.

Step 3. Customize the compression settings like bitrate, resolution, output format, etc.

Step 4. Start compressing videos on your iPhone and download it after the compression.


Method 4: How to Compress an iPhone Video on Computer


Compressing videos on your iPhone directly can be simple and convenient, but sometimes you may encounter some file size limitations or you may require more advanced compressions options. If you want to batch compress some videos on your computer,  VideoProc Converter is an excellent tool for you. It can convert video formats, resize videos,  edit videos, and compress large 4K/HDR videos easily at a super fast speed due to its GPU acceleration technology.


VideoProc Converter offers high-quality compression and supports batch-compressing iPhone videos simultaneously. What’s more, you can also use it to edit your iPhone videos like trim, cut, split, merge, add subtitles, add watermark, and more. Here are simple steps to compress an iPhone video on a computer:


Step 1: Download and install VideoProc Converter on your Windows or Mac computer. Launch the software and click Video on the main interface.


Step 2: Click +Video to upload your iPhone videos here. Choose Compress under the Toolbox category.

Step 3: Drag the slider bar to set the percentage of your compression. You can also set the resolution, aspect ratio, bitrate, frame rate, and format, and you can trim your videos before compressing. Click Done and RUN to continue.




There are several simple options to compress videos on your iPhone. If you want to record your videos in smaller sizes, changing the recording settings is a reliable choice. If you want to compress small videos without downloading applications, then you can try an online tool like Clide to help you out. Also, if you want to compress your iPhone videos on a computer with the best quality, VideoProc Converter will provide more flexibility and additional features. Choose one method that suits your requirements best and try it now!






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