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All marketers know it’s costlier and more complicated to bring in new customers than to keep the existing ones. For that reason, most companies focus on customer retention and sustainable business growth as their long-term goals.

Cultivating that kind of loyalty is not a simple task, but it is achievable. Most marketers resort to different approaches, including creating helpful and relevant content such as how-to guides or tips and tricks of the trade like MailCon’s 5 steps to build a powerful listicle.

One of the best strategies is to create a base of loyal followers who can potentially become long-term customers, and building an email list is the way to achieve that mission.

What Is an Email List, and Why Is It Important?

Brands build email lists in various ways. The most common approaches include:

  • Capturing email addresses when clients finalize their purchases
  • Registering on your website
  • Subscribing to your newsletters
  • Sharing their personal information while networking

So why do marketers focus so much on building high-quality email lists?

First, email marketing allows brands to reach wider audiences, meaning more prospective clients can see their offerings.

The other fundamental reason is that every email list must be regularly verified and updated. Since people can change email addresses for many reasons, businesses need to tackle issues such as email list decay, which can negatively impact click-through and conversion rates.

Let’s explore in more detail how businesses can capture email addresses and build massive email lists that foster business growth.

Leverage In-person Communication

There’s no denying that businesses can’t ignore the importance of online marketing channels as the most common customer touchpoints. However, in-person communication remains one of the most effective ways to tap into the power of niche communities and establish new business connections.

Interacting with prospective clients and partners face to face is often more effective than communicating online. Apart from offering subscription opportunities, it also helps to encourage prospective clients to keep in touch.

Like, offline events and conferences enable businesses and marketing professionals to connect with other industry experts, learn about the latest email and omnichannel marketing strategies, and conquer their marketing performance.

Use Personalized CTAs

It’s no secret that a personalized approach can work wonders. Therefore, marketers often use personalized call-to-actions (CTAs) and subject lines to boost their open and view-to-submission rates.

A high-quality subject line or CTA helps businesses meet unique customer needs and entice consumers to view suggested products, read new blog posts, subscribe to company newsletters, and more.

Offer Multiple Subscription Opportunities

For every consumer that has an email address, brands must offer various subscription options. For instance, prospective clients and visitors checking your blog must have an opportunity to subscribe to company updates or share your content on social media.

Other effective examples of making the most of your corporate website are adding pop-ups or creating a separate webpage to offer an opportunity to reach out and subscribe by filling out a contact form.

Another common approach many businesses use is adding links to new offerings, blog posts, events, or landing pages in email signatures.

Make the Most of Landing Pages

Businesses can see a 55% increase in high-quality leads if they create more landing pages. As previously mentioned, personalization can make all the difference. Therefore, personalizing landing pages can help brands cater to specific demographics, appeal to individual clients, and generate more sign-ups.

Final Thoughts

Businesses leveraging email marketing are no strangers to issues like declining conversion and click-through rates. If that is the case, regularly updating and verifying your email lists is your best bet for improving those rates.

But if you’re starting from scratch and looking to build a high-quality email list, remember that following these four simple steps can help you achieve the goal — and when in doubt, use incentives.


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