Emberify: 5 Ways to Promote a Crowdfunding Campaign on Instagram

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Here is a famous quote by Mother Teresa that inspired a lot of people to work together in diverse situations: “I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things.” This quote is very much applicable to crowdfunding that is present at the moment. Fundraising has been for many years but without a clear-cut name. Do you know that the first successful crowdfunding was recorded in 1997 when a British rock band raised funds for their reunion tour?

In today’s time, fundraising campaigns are becoming more successful with the influence of social media. With its widespread popularity, Instagram has become an optimal platform for it. The distinct features and appealing interface has attracted several users to explore the app. Having a broad reach for your fundraising campaigns on Instagram is an added advantage in attaining the end goal. You can also get a free Instagram likes trial to enhance your campaign’s reach global.

A Brief Introduction to Crowdfunding

It can be defined as a practice of raising money to fund a specific cause or a project. It facilitates fundraisers to collect funds from many people, usually in small amounts. Crowdfunding is generally conducted through online platforms. However, crowdfunding has evolved significantly when compared to fundraising methods that were present previously. It was mainly because of the introduction of social media platforms and the internet.

Traditional Funding Vs Crowdfunding

With crowdfunding becoming a popular fundraising method, let us know how it progressed over time. One significant difference between these two forms was that people primarily did traditional fundraising in offline modes. They did everything starting from marketing to collecting funds for the campaign through direct communication, i.e., offline methods. Various advancements over time gave rise to a new form of fundraising called crowdfunding.

The beginning stage of crowdfunding was a little challenging too. As there were not many online platforms available; through which people could create campaigns. But in recent years, it had tremendous growth with the invasion of new outlets. One such platform that people leveraged to advertise their campaigns was Instagram.

 Crowdfunding on Instagram

Instagram is a well-known platform for its appealing visuals. With more and more users starting to engage on this platform, it made the fundraising journey easy and effective. As millions of users are flourished on this platform, you can quickly find donors from all over the world. One can create crowdfunding campaigns for various causes or reasons. Such as

  • Startups development
  • Business reasons
  • Child Welfare
  • Education or medical projects
  • Animal care
  • Natural disasters, welfare, and many more.

But for any crowdfunding to succeed or gain money, it is vital to have a strong presence on the platform where you would conduct the campaign. We have listed a few ways through which a fundraising campaign can succeed on Instagram. Also, you can enhance your online presence more effectively on social media platforms by choosing Emberify.

5 Ways to Promote Your Crowdfunding Campaign on Instagram

With the growing popularity of Instagram and its constant feature updates, it is best to leverage it productively. Therefore, in the below-mentioned steps, we will walk you through how to promote a crowdfunding campaign on Instagram.

  1. Engage More

Utilizing a platform like Instagram is a brilliant move to promote a crowdfunding campaign. Why? Because you can advertise, promote, gain, create, share, participate, and whatnot. It is like having a complete package tool for raising funds at your fingertip.

Instagram enables fundraisers to have constant interaction between themselves and the crowd. So if you want your campaign to gain all the attention, it is vital to interact more. There are many ways you can engage with your followers. For example, you can either reply to them in the comment section or personally answer in the DMs to have a strong connection. In addition, Instagram has many features that produce unexpected and impressive results; read further to know more about how to use them.

  1. Instagram Stories

The stories feature is a great way to keep your followers updated with your campaign’s progress. It is an excellent idea if you post unique and exciting content. However, posting similar ones will bore your audiences very quickly than you expect. For example, you can post different forms of media instead of just posting photos. Using this feature, you can upload pictures or videos that disappear after 24 hours. It also enables the users to add stickers, captions, music, effects, and filters to make the post more likable. Posting consistently on Instagram stories will also help you increase engagement with the donors.

  1. Instagram Live

Going live can help you interact with your audiences in real time. You can take up questions from them about the campaigns. Give a detailed explanation of the campaign’s progress. Also, you can announce future plans or projects. Instagram live also provides an option to go live with other users. Using this option, you can collaborate with top influencers or celebrities to create awareness about crowdfunding or your current campaigns. It also helps you build a community to share your stories with relatable audiences.

  1. Relatable Hashtags

This feature can help enhance a content’s discoverability. You can also build your profile with Emberify, which will help you improve your visibility further. As we all know, hashtags are words or phrases with the symbol hash (#) as a prefix. These tags are used in the posts you upload, which include feed posts, reels, stories, etc. You can participate in prevalent hashtag challenges too. It helps users with similar interests to find your content easily. Always remember to use relevant and trending hashtags instead of random ones.

  1. Build Trust

Crowdfunding solely works based on trust. Hence it is essential to build indestructible trust with your donors. It is not as complicated as it sounds. You just have to be genuine about your campaigns. Furthermore, you must constantly update the users with your campaign details to show them their money is reaching into safe hands.

To Conclude

If your crowdfunding campaign is not using social media platforms like Instagram, it is time to change your strategy. So many organizations use Instagram as a primary tool to create crowdfunding campaigns and promote them. By employing the features and tips mentioned above, you can effortlessly create and promote your crowdfunding drives on Instagram.

How did you promote your campaign on Instagram? Which feature was the most beneficial to outreach donors? Please share with us in the comment section below.


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