5 Reasons Why You Need a GPS Tracker for Your Car

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You undoubtedly adore your car. You invested your hard-earned money to purchase and maintain it. It’s also what you drive to work, the store, or your favorite hangout. But have you ever been compelled to track your vehicle? Perhaps you left it in a large parking lot and can’t recall where it is. With the assistance of technology, you can find it right away.

With the increased usage of technology, information has become mobile as well. Some apps are available in the palm of your hand. Tracking cars using GPS technology is one such application. These systems combine modern technologies while also protecting vehicles from theft.

Depending on the type of car and the manufacturer of the tracker, GPS trackers can be installed anywhere within the car or connected to an OBDII diagnostic port. In any case, a monthly subscription to any cellular network is required for the device to send and receive data to another device such as a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Owners can observe the vehicle’s position in real-time, as well as other critical information such as speed and distance, traveled. Such devices transmit maintenance reminders and can scan engine issue codes, enhancing their functionality.

Read on to learn more about car GPS trackers and the reasons to get one for your car.

What Exactly are GPS Trackers for Cars?

GPS is an abbreviation for Global Positioning System. It comprises a portable tracking gadget that allows you to track the whereabouts of your car. Yet, GPS trackers are capable of far more than that. They have advanced significantly and can now present you with facts such as the car’s speed, maintenance requirements, and temperature, among other things. Some GPS trackers record data with a minor delay, while others may provide you with the information you want in real-time.

How do GPS Trackers work?

To detect its location, a GPS tracker uses satellite navigation. The device subsequently sends this data to a smartphone app or web-based platform, where you can view the tracker’s whereabouts in real-time.

Important Reasons to Get a GPS Tracker For Your Car

  • Helps to locate vehicles anywhere in the world 

An anti-theft GPS tracker for an automobile vehicle functions in the same way as any other GPS tracker on the market. A user may pull up their car’s position at a moment’s notice and with pinpoint precision using an attached app. In most circumstances, it is accurate enough to find a car in a crowded parking lot.

If a car is stolen, users may track it down using real-time information, even if it is in motion. Track its whereabouts and give information to authorities to help in the recovery of the car. GPS tracking devices are usually precise to within three meters. With better satellites and cellular networks, this form of tracking has considerably improved in recent years.

  • Helps to recover stolen vehicles faster

Every day, about 748,000 vehicles are stolen. Car thieves don’t always have to break into or hot wire a car since the owners leave their keys or key fob inside, making their vehicle an accessible target. With a GPS car tracker, you may give law authorities the position of your vehicle, increasing the possibility that it will be returned to you after it has been stolen.

  • Receive faster help in case of emergency

The issue with auto theft is that there are so many vehicles on the road that there is no way to detect it other than by sight if you don’t have a tracker. As a result, if they discover your vehicle at all, it might take days or weeks to reclaim it.

The owner of a vehicle monitoring device may promptly alert emergency services about where their vehicle has gone, wherever in the globe. They may also be able to provide information about where the car has recently traveled, which can assist investigators in locating other persons involved in the theft.

  • Helps to check the running cost 

Knowing the operating costs of commercial vehicles may be more advantageous. Yet, it is also valuable for individual cars. For example, if you let your child use it, you can see whether they were speeding excessively or going somewhere outside of the permitted geographical region with car GPS trackers.

You can also detect if you or the other driver wasted a lot of fuel with a GPS tracker. The information you’ve acquired can be valuable, especially if you want to reduce your fuel and maintenance expenditures.

  • Can assist in insurance claims

Several insurance providers may reduce your auto insurance cost if you install a GPS tracker. The reduction may be little, but it is still a wonderful value. While looking for insurance, make sure to inquire about possible rate discounts.

  • Assists in vehicle diagnostics 

Is it time to replace the oil? Perhaps you should take your vehicle to a body shop. A GPS tracker makes it simple to determine its condition. To be sure, not all GPS tracking systems provide this capability. Some complex systems, on the other hand, offer auto diagnostics and even notify you when it is time to visit a repair.


Given how much one might rely (and spend) on their cars, it stands to reason that they would want to safeguard their investments—as well as the drivers. Both are possible with a GPS tracker. If you’re on the fence regarding whether or not to acquire a GPS tracker for your automobile, consider the reasons listed above.


Does a GPS Tracker Work When the Car is Turned Off?

Yes! While the car is switched off, your GPS tracker might still function. This is because GPS tracking devices have their built-in power source, allowing them to work without being connected to the car’s battery.

How Far Does a GPS Tracker Work for Car?

The technology used in GPS tracking systems is so unique and powerful that it can pinpoint your exact location o within 10 meters. Certain high-end equipment can provide more precision and accuracy up to one meter.

How Much Does It Cost to Get a Car GPS Tracker?

GPS fleet tracking pricing generally runs from $14 to $499 per vehicle, per month, with average rates falling between $25 and $45 per vehicle, per month. The cost of the GPS tracking system, like any other, will be determined by various factors like the type of GPS tracker, additional features, length of your subscription, etc.


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