5 Interesting things you didn’t know about Genshin Impact

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Genshin Impact’s main menu picture and music change depending the time of day

All games have a main menu screen. It can be animated, change depending on your in-game location or display an image according to the story. Not many do what Genshin Impact does, though: change both the music and the home screen by registering the user’s login time and what time of day is recorded for the device. According to reddit users, there are 4 arrangements to both the music and the image that’s displayed, completing a full day cycle of morning, noon and night. The fourth is a bonus feature for those logging between 4 and 5 AM to see a sunrise added to the ‘morning’ screen. According to the developers, these changes were made to emphasize player agency and a sense of realism.

There was also speculation that game updates will receive a further overhaul of this system, but seasonal home screens are yet to be implemented in-game.

Genshin Impact doesn’t have a mac version, but there are workarounds to play it

While the game doesn’t have a proper native macOS version, last year several gaming websites were quick to point out that mac users can still enjoy the game. Depending on which website covers what method, this is possible through either Parallels, Bootcamp, Crossover, or one of 3 cloud gaming services. If this sounds like your thing, we recommend this Genshin Impact mac tutorial, as we felt it explained things in the easiest manner.

The 7 in-game kingdoms Imitate Real Locations

Geshin Impact’s kingdoms are inspired by real world locations and follow the lay of the land relatively closely. There are a total 7 countries in the game and the main questline makes you go through them all. By that point, the real-world influences are very apparent. When you start, you are in Monstadt (“Moon City”, translated from German), the City of Freedom is very evidently influenced by western Germany in the middle ages. The city of Liyue, on the other hand, is inspired by China. The developers themselves admitted in a facebook post that the city, translated to “Glazed Moon” in Chinese, resembles mostly Sichuan. Other locations include Inazuma, based on ancient Japan; Sumeru, based on Africa; Fontaine for France; Natlan for America; and Snezhnaya (snowy in Russian) for Russia. While all of the locations take artistic liberties in terms of cultures, they are all signature recognizable in their landscape.

The games PG13… but it doesn’t stop you from playing it anyway if you’re not old enough

Much has been made of Genshin Impact’s early troubles with its anti-cheat system, where the system remained active and hogging resources even after the game shuts down. This was later remedied with patches. But it is a little-known fact spotted only by eagle-eyed enthusiasts that the game’s age verification process actually isn’t enforced at all. Reddit users have even claimed that the verification doesn’t do anything and is only a front for the developers to not employ a more stringent process, which would definitely reduce the game’s mass appeal. After all, nothing beats the worlds “free” and “all-ages” when put together.

You start with a 4-character roster… which grows to 54 up to the current update

According to the game’s wiki, there is a startling number of playable characters to play with. Given that the game’s gameplay revolves around elemental combos, it is no surprise it features different party combinations in case you don’t like some of the characters. What is startling, though, is the developers’ commitment to churning out new characters for all chapters. It is expected that eventually these characters will grow to over 100, with only a few remaining constant companions throughout the entire game.

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