RFR: My Macbook won’t boot into OS X

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Quick question to all of you who are smarter than me…

I recently used Boot Camp to put Windows on my Mac. Terrible idea. After trying to get Windows to find my Mighty Mouse, and my external monitor for 30 minutes or so, I gave up, booted back into OS X and deleted the Windows partition.

Now, there is a problem, however.

Every time I restart the computer I have to hold down the Option key and select the Macintosh HD (even though there is no other choice listed) or the computer boots up into a black screen wanting a bootable disk.

Any ideas on how to go about fixing this?

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6 thoughts on “RFR: My Macbook won’t boot into OS X

  1. Ya, you can do it by booting from the DVD (it will be in the utilities menu), but there is an even easier way! Go to system preferences, click “Startup DIsk” and Select your “Macintosh HD” as the startup disk, then reboot. You may have to enter your admin username and password.

    Hope this helps

    Connor P


  2. Hey Michael!

    You should try something: go to System Preferences > there should be a button called “Startup” or something like that (I have Mac OS X in French, sorry…). And check if your Macintosh HD is chosen as default startup volume… Cheers…


  3. If you boot into your OS X installation DVD, up in the utilities there should be an option to choose the default boot up disk, however I haven’t had to do it for a while so I’m not sure EXACTLY where it is. But, poke around for a little bit and you should be able to find it.

  4. boot into osx using the option key, go to system prefs and select startup disk, click the OSX install and then restart, this will change the boot flag.

  5. Yeah just like dave said… click on OSX in the startup disc-preferences and your MBP will be happy again

  6. No no no… you have to reinstall everything, then send it back to AppleCare for a logic board 🙂

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