Psystar releases Mac Clones with Blu-Ray Drives

Psystar continues to be a thorn in Apple’s side, and yesterday took a step further with that by announcing models of their “Hackintosh” machines with built-in Blu-ray drives, and NVIDIA GeForce 9800GT GPU.

The company continues to poke at Apple through its cage as they take the extra effort to slam Steve for his “bag of hurt” comment about adding Blu-ray drives into Macs.

Once again I can’t recommend NOT buying one of these machines enough. I have yet to see a review of one of these machines (if you have, please link to it in the comments below) – and I’m just not one for supporting spending thousands of dollars on machines that have no official support from the software manufacturer.


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  1. hmmm, still not result of their discussions. Interesting, that it took so long. Apple is maybe little bit worried about monopoly in sw dependence on their hw.
    still the truth is, that apple has no so wide product line, that can fit (almost) everyone.
    Maybe they should pick some big players and sell licenses to make other types of apple products and their variations.