OSX Quick Tip: Transparent Notes

quicktip.jpgStickies are a cool little application in OSX that allow you place virtual “Sticky Notes” on your screen. They are useful for leaving messages to yourself, or for someone else that will be on the computer later. You can find them in your Applications folder.

The only problem with Stickies is that they can get in the way. You may need to see through them to continue working. No problem.

Simply hit Command-Option-T and your Stickie Notes will become transparent, allowing you to see right through them. Hit the shortcut again, and they become solid.

I actually found the Stickies hard to use until I learned this trick, because I’d always need to get them out of the way to do something else. Now, it’s as easy a keyboard shortcut to see right through!

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  1. I much prefer the Stickies widget in Dashboard. It actually looks like a sticky note and I can just hide it away with the Dashboard.

  2. I have loads of stickies open all the time for bits and pieces of information, just as useful if not more so than this tip is that if you double click the title bar of a sticky it collapses, double click again to get it all back.